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Planning your routes and knowing the locations of your clients are integral parts of a successful business. As a field sales representative, you are always on the go, visiting clients here and there, and striving to close business deals. You know that time is of the essence if you want to stay ahead of your game. With this in mind, you can’t afford to waste precious energy and time when traveling from one client to another. What you need is a sales territory planning software, and this is where Badger Maps comes in.

An assistant carrying books, reports, and notesBadger Maps is an innovative but affordable sales productivity app that is designed to boost your sales and income. It comes with different powerful and impressive features to increase your productivity level by more than 20%. As a result, Badger Maps is currently the #1 sales app in the Apple App Store alongside with big brands such as DocuSign and LinkedIn.

So how can Badger help you in planning your trips? Badger uses a highly interactive and detailed map to show you your sales territory. Once you connected your customer database or CRM with Badger, you get an idea where your clients are and how to reach any of them. With your customers’ exact location displayed on your map, you can easily understand how your customers are distributed throughout your sales territory.

“Badger Maps gave direction to our team, it focused their field activity. It also gave us insight where they were spending their time and what results they were getting.”

Jeff Speerstra

District Manager, Anchor Packaging

The visual data provided by Badger helps you to efficiently plan your trips for the day. Without Badger, you might be switching from one tool to another or juggling different tools at the same time. However, Badger simplifies the whole process of route planning. All you have to do is specify the customers you need to meet and badger systematically sequences your trips. Badger tells you who to meet first, who to meet next, and who to meet last. This is done in such a way that you don’t have to weave through the city and backtrack just because you forgot something or made the wrong turn.

Now, Badger doesn’t stop there. There are more features you can use. Enjoy Badger’s complete turn by turn driving directions to ensure you reach your destination in the quickest way possible. You can also avoid traffic hotspots with Badger’s live traffic updates. Not only that, but you can get more familiar with your sales territory by using the vivid satellite images of Badger.

So how valuable is Badger’s route optimization feature? On average, Badger users have reported that they have decreased their driving time by 20%. If that doesn’t sound big enough, consider how much time people spend on the road. According to a study made, on average, Americans spend 290 hours on the road every year. With Badger you can save as much as 60 hours every year and even more than that.

Think about what you can do to the time you saved. Thus, using Badger allows you spend less time sitting in front of your car’s wheels and spend more time interacting with your customers. With more time and energy on your hand, you can do more and be more productive.

Badger Maps is no doubt the perfect sales territory planning software for every outside sales rep. It can do more than just plan your routes. So if you want to learn more, sign up for a free trial today!

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