Sales Territory

Sales Territory

Managing your sales territory isn’t always an easy task and there are always new things to be discovered.

In the last two years, there has been extensive research and innovation in technology to create an application almost exclusively for those who have a sales territory. That application is Badger Maps -  Badger is easy to use and makes the daily work of a sales rep both easier and more efficient. Sales reps can use the lasso tool to quickly select the group of accounts they want to see and plan their day or week within minutes. With route optimization, field sales reps with any sized sales territory can spend less time driving and more time in front of their clients and prospects. 

"My new sales hire tried Badger and said, "This is the best tool I’ve ever used, I can’t believe everyone in sales isn’t using it.”

James Stratmann

President, Sunset Industrial Parts

Further ease is accomplished by placing route creation on a map with your clients mapped out in front of you with visualization tools that allow you to filter clients by categories that you specify. What this does, is allow you to glean new information how your clients are organized on a map, pinpoint certain types of clients on a map and quickly generate a route to reach them in a new way.

Creativity and imagination are now words that can be used in your day when you manage your sales territory with our software.  Think outside the lines and gain a competitive edge in your industry with superior sales territory management and sign up for a trial today!

The Best App for Field Sales People

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