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Badger Maps is a leader in map routing technology but there are other ways that our software can help you. You don’t only need your reps out on the road looking after existing customers; they need to be bringing in sales, orders that your delivery staff will deal with. What hampers operations is the need to keep records updated; when a sale is made, the rep as to complete the paperwork and put the order through to the delivery department, who then have to process it and get it out for delivery. What if there were a less time-consuming way to do this? There is. Our mobile app can help field sales optimize delivery operations very easily.

With Badger Maps mobile app, for both iOS and Android mobile devices, your reps get access to a neat feature. Once your CRM has been integrated into our desktop software, all of your customers are then registered within Badger Maps. When your staff head out on their sales visits, normally, they would make a written note of the visit, then head back to the office to complete the paperwork. Badger Maps helps filed sales optimize delivery operations with Check-In. This is a unique feature that allows your staff to:

  • Check-In at every visit, make a note of what happened and any orders. This record is date and time stamped
  • That record syncs with your CRM at the office, sending those note into the records permanently, there for all to see, including delivery operations
  • Pull off a weekly view of all their visits and sales

With one neat feature, not only can field sales optimize delivery operations, it can also save your reps a great deal of time because they will no longer have to duplicate their work See it in action for yourself; take us up on our offer of a free 7-day trial today.

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