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They know they have so many visits to do and they know that they are going to spend the best part of the day driving and fighting their way through traffic jams. To make the best of their day, they should be using Badger Maps sales route optimization software.

Car on top of a mapBadger is designed to optimize any route map, turning it into something that involves less time spent driving while taking in more customer visits. With Badger Maps at their disposal, your reps are getting something quite special. Not only will it provide them with sales route optimization, it will also give them a place to store their customer details. Badger is highly effective when it comes to gathering, storing, and managing data. As a matter of fact, Badger comes with innovative built-in features to help you sort out clients’ information. For example, use the Colorize feature to assign colors to your customers according to different parameters. By doing so, you easily identify which clients need more attention or which of them provide the best business opportunities. You can also hide and unhide accounts on your map for easy visualization.

Moreover, Badger can also create permanent time, and date stamped records of every visit, allowing you to track your activities more efficiently. Badger enables you to create reports when you are still on the road. By doing so, you can decrease your workload when you finally head back to the office. Not only that, but the notes you created can be transformed into a detailed and comprehensive report, helping you to evaluate your progress throughout the week.

“One out of every five sales is a direct result of the information Badger gives our team.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

Badger comes with lead generation feature that helps you find new customers in the quickest and most convenient way possible. Simply specify the type of clients you are looking for and the target area, hit the search button, and Badger quickly scans nearby places to find potential customers. In just a few seconds, Badger gives you a fresh list of new leads. You can even see the exact location of your prospective clients on your map along with relevant information that you can use to engage your customers effectively.

Badger Maps mobile app can be used to further hone that sales route optimization with interactive mapping and live traffic updates. There’s the ability to find a new lead and add it into the route on the way and to use our Drop-Pin feature to add addresses that are hard to locate to the route.

Many of the people that already use Badger Maps have commented on the sales route optimization feature, saying that Badger has given them the ability to cut down their driving time by up to 20% a week while increasing sales activity by up to 25%. They say that they have found so many new leads, leads that they wouldn’t have found any other way and they say that Badger has changed the face of their business.

Let it change the face of yours; Badger Maps sales route optimization software is free to use for 7 days on our no commitment trial so give us a go today.

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