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Sales mapping is the process of plotting and organizing sales territories on a map and identifying the best routes to reach your customers’ locations. Now, most sales reps will admit how tedious and time-consuming this task is - incorporating your customer lists from your spreadsheets to your maps, checking customer details, planning out routes, and deciding on the quickest way to reach as many clients as possible. Boring, right? This is where Badger Maps comes in.

Badger Maps is an outside sales mapping and routing software designed to make your team’s sales territories easier to manage. It can integrate your outside CRM, access your calendars, and optimize your routes to help you reach all your customers in the least amount of time. It can also organize your sales call schedule and in cases of cancellations, will easily fit in unscheduled appointments into vacant slots.

Having a hard time getting new leads? Instead of driving around for hours looking for more customers, Badger Maps can generate new leads for you. Just key in your target area and type of customer and it will produce a list of businesses and potential customers for you to visit, while providing the quickest routes to reach them. Its check-in feature also allows you to create a history and keep track of all the customers and new leads you visit, while the Lasso Tool makes customizing routes, prioritizing preferred customers, and updating accounts a whole lot simpler.

So why waste your precious time manually mapping out customer locations and trying to figure out routes when you can spend it selling to as many clients as you can and increasing your sales by 25%? With Badger Maps, sales mapping and routing have never been easier. Click to check out our free, week-long, no-obligation trial now.

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