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Many outside salespeople waste precious time in planning their trips for the day. They have to take clients’ addresses, plot them on the map, and physically locate them on the streets. Take this tedious process and repeat it many times depending on the number of your customers. The result is you get quickly overwhelmed, stressed, and less energetic for other activities that matter more for your business. Not only that, but inefficient route planning can lead to dire consequences that can negatively affect the way you work.

So what’s the solution? Thankfully, you can now use Badger Maps, an innovative and impressive sales territory software that is available on the market today.

Badger Maps is the best all-in-one solution for all your mapping and sales routing needs. For most users, they observed that they had closed more deals by 25% and decreased their driving time by 20% ever since using the Badger Maps. That’s why it is not surprising to note that Badger has become one of the leading sales apps in the Apple App Store and around the world.

So how can Badger help you? All you have to do is add your customers’ data to Badger Maps. You can achieve this by uploading spreadsheets or integrating CRMs and calendar to the app. After that, you get to see all your customers nicely plotted on the map. You instantly know who is near or far from you, the exact distance between two places, and the estimated time needed to travel from one point to another.

Moreover, Badger provides accurate turn by turn driving directions and vivid satellite images. It determines which road is the best way to take and tells you where to go next based on the appointments that you have on your calendar. Get automated alternative route suggestions when heavy traffic and variable road conditions happen.

What does this all mean to you? Well, it means that you will reach any destination in the quickest and most convenient way possible. With Badger on your side, you get to spend lesser time sitting in front of your car’s wheel and spend more time interacting with your clients – an activity that actually makes you money.

Badger conveniently improves your whole route planning process. Before, you have to lay multiple tools in front of you just to figure out where to go. But with Badger, you can finish your entire route planning activity in just a few minutes. Badger helps you simplify complicated tasks, speed up time-consuming activities, and eliminate redundant practices.

With Badger, you can forget about the time when you have to drive aimlessly and to weave through the city. Since Badger gives you detailed driving directions, you can minimize backtracking just to re-adjust your route or stopping once in a while just to review your route map.

There are still different built-in functionalities of Badger that you need to know. You will be surprised how Badger can bring your business to a whole new level. So if you want to learn more about this sales territory software, sign up for a free trial today!

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