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Sales route mapping is among the most important parts of a sales rep’s job, and probably the most tedious one as well. Importing your customer data from your spreadsheets to your map, mapping out your entire sales territory, and planning your sales call route can become time-consuming and exhausting. It requires much of your attention with no room for mistakes because you wouldn’t want to take the wrong route and waste time and money when you should be making more sales.

Probably the best sales route planning software available on the market today, Badger Maps is the answer to every sales rep’s prayer. A mapping tool, route optimizer, and schedule manager all rolled into one, Badger Maps is the perfect solution to all outside salespeople’s mapping and routing needs.

Badger Maps has the ability to integrate with customer relationship management software and has enough functionalities to serve as your main CRM as well. Just connect it to your customer database and you can view your entire sales territory map in a matter of minutes while optimizing your routes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

With Badger, you won’t have to guess who is near or far from you. After connecting with your customer database, Badger grabs your customers’ addresses and plots them on your map. You get to see the exact location of your clients, the estimated time needed to reach a destination, and the distance between two locations.

"Before Badger, we were losing 2 hours a day to territory planning and reporting results. Now our routes take 5 minutes and directly link to activity. Badger has certainly improved productivity."

James Stratmann

President, Sunset Industrial Parts

Badger Maps also integrates with your personal calendar and helps you organize your schedule with ease. To make things easier for you, Badger allows you to create new appointments straight from your map. You can then add these appointments to your calendar app. Alternatively, you can add your calendar schedule to Badger and see all your appointments on your map. With Badger Maps and your calendar app working together, it would be easier now to stay on top of your schedule.

You have the option to use Badger on your smartphone and tablet. Thus, anywhere you go, you get real-time insights into your sales territory. Badger helps you avoid traffic congested areas. Using the GPS technology on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, you now have access to Google maps while on the road and get live traffic updates, alternative routes, and turn by turn driving directions.

Obviously, with Badger helping you navigate through your sales area, you can now save a tremendous amount of time, energy, and fuel. In fact, most Badger Maps users reported that they have decreased their driving time by 20% and closed more deals by 25%!

Badger Maps also allows for lead generation, providing you with new leads to visit by simply entering your target area and client type. No more wasting time driving around unfamiliar roads trying to look for prospective clients. Other useful features include:   

  • Lasso tool – lets you customize your map, adjust fields, and make mass updates
  • Check-in feature – creates a permanent customer history after each visit you make
  • Colorize feature – lets you use key metrics to manage your accounts

Try our free, 7-day trial and experience an optimal solution to sales route optimization with Badger Maps today.

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