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Do you need a reliable software for sales? Whether your answer is yes or no, you need to read the rest of this blog.

One of the things your sales reps have to do is generate new leads for your business. Traditionally, that has always been done by sending hours doing desk research, research that can sometimes turn up very little in the way of leads.

Aside from generating leads, it is crucial for your sales reps to quickly reach their customers. While it may sound like an easy task, route planning is tedious, cumbersome, and worst of all, time-consuming. Without the right software for sales, your field staff can quickly waste time fighting through traffic, going through poor road conditions, and figuring out which way to take or which way to go. As you can see, all these problems can negatively affect your performance.

Thankfully, there is now a reliable and innovative software for sales reps. It is called the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps makes lead generation easy with its mapping software for sales reps. Reps can use Badger Maps to run a search for new leads. Your reps can specify the type of customers they are looking for, use a keyword, and click on the search button. Badger then displays on your map your potential clients. Click on their names or map icons to get valuable information such as business names, reviews, contact details, and websites just to name a few.

The same goes for all their existing customers and adding them to a route map is a matter of a couple of clicks of the mouse. Badger Maps optimizes their visits into one neat route that cuts down on driving time and giving your reps more time to concentrate on the important things, like bringing in sales and making money.

Badger Maps does quite a bit more than just provide route maps though; it is the ultimate software for sales reps, providing a way to keep a record of customer visits, generate leads on the road, avoid traffic with live traffic updates and get to the maximum number of visits in one day.

Badger Maps allows them to analyze their customers by key metrics, to add addresses that are difficult to find using our Drop-Pin feature and use our Lasso tool to pick their customers for visits.

Remember that you can use Badger on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Thus, you can bring Badger anywhere you go and use it anytime you want. You can also access your data from any of your devices, making it the handiest travel companion for every field sales reps out there.

Badger Maps is a route map combined with a customer database, designed to keep all your customer information in one easy to access user-friendly place, both on desktop and on their mobile devices. Try Badger Maps software for sales reps today with our free no obligation trial. Discover how Badger Maps can bring your business to a whole new level of success.

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