Plot Sales On A Map

Plot Sales On A Map

How many customers do you have to deal with on a daily basis? 5? 10? 20? Most of those will most likely need to be visited and that’s where the biggest waste of business time comes in – the time it takes to plot sales on a map and work out the best route to get to them all.

Badger Maps takes the hard work out of the day by combining route mapping with customer management. Badger Maps makes it easy for you to import your CRM, which then lets you see all your customers on one map. From there, you can choose the ones you want to visit and add them to a route map, which is then optimized for efficiently by Badger.

“The functionality of software, support and value we’ve extracted is great.”

Jeff Speerstra

District Manager, Anchor Packaging

Badger Maps makes it easy for you to plot sales on a map and cuts down the time it would normally take to a tiny fraction. Not only that, we can cut your driving time by up to 20% as well, which leaves your reps with plenty of time for more visits. When you take our mobile app on the road with you, you get:

  • Access to accurate mapping date courtesy of Google Maps
  • Live traffic updates
  • Turn by turn driving directions
  • Street level and satellite mapping
  • The ability to plot sales on a map while on the road

Really and truthfully, you should try Badger maps for yourself, not just take our word for it. We can show you how easy it should be to plot sales on a map and save time and money with efficient route planning. Sign up for our free trial today and have 7 days on us to see how it can work for you

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