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As an outside sales rep, you know how important it is for you to travel from one location to another in the quickest way possible. After all, you only have a limited time, and you can’t afford to waste it during your travel. However, this is easier said than done. First, you have to ensure you have done proper route planning. A simple mistake can lead to a lot of problems all throughout your work day. Next, you have to fight through traffic, go through different poor road conditions, backtrack to re-adjust your route, and even stop once in a while just to ask for driving directions. If this sounds stressful, it probably is. That’s why you need free sales mapping software to help you work in the most efficient way. Thankfully, Badger Maps is here for you.

Laptop, notebook, pen, and a glass of waterBadger Maps is the ultimate route planner that will solve all your mapping problems. With just a few clicks here and there, you can simplify complicated tasks, speed up time-consuming activities, and eliminate redundant processes.

"We have field reps that have been in sales for over twenty years that tell me this is the best piece of sales software they've ever used."

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager

So how can Badger help you close more deals? There are plenty of ways. For this blog, let me just share with you three of them. These are route optimization, Check-In, and lead generation feature.

As a route optimizer, Badger helps you finish your route planning process in the least time possible. With Badger, you don’t have to juggle so many tools because Badger serves as you all-in-one mapping tool. Download Badger Maps and let it connect to your customer database. Badger then plots your clients’ addresses on your map so that you can see their location all at the same time. By doing so, you get to see who is near or far from you and how to reach any of them in the quickest time.

Badger comes with the Check-In feature. This functionality allows you to create time- and date-stamped notes. With the Check-In feature, you can easily track your activity history. Not only that but if you have a manager, you can simply download your notes and send them as your weekly report. Moreover, you can use Check-In to help you evaluate your progress through the past days.

“Before Badger, 25% of the customers that we set meetings with were the wrong customers.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

Badger also serves as a lead generator. Go to the Places tab and specify the type of customers you are looking for. Hit the search button, and Badger instantly creates a list of potential clients. Badger also plots their exact whereabouts, so you know whenever a prospective customer is nearby. You can even click on their names or map icons to reveal valuable information such as business names, hours of operation, reviews, photos, addresses, websites, and contact numbers. You can then use these pieces of information, so you know how to engage your leads and convert them into sales.

On average, Badger users have cut down their driving time by 20% and close more deals by 25%. There’s no doubt: Badger is the best free sales mapping software. To make things more interesting, there are more to know about Badger Maps. What you just read is just an introduction to what Badger can do to your business. That’s why it is highly recommended that you sign up for a free trial now to learn more!

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