Sale Google Maps

Sale Google Maps

Google Maps is a highly interactive and detailed map available for anyone who has an internet connection. Most sales rep use this to find their customers and plan their routes. However, Google Maps is not specifically created with sales reps in mind. It is rather made for the use of the general public. Now, imagine if there is an app that transforms Google Maps into a responsive software specifically designed to meet the needs of every sales representative? Thankfully, you don’t have to imagine this anymore because Badger Maps is here for you.

Badger Maps has partnered with Google Maps to provide outside salespeople the tool they need to travel from one destination to another. Badger uses Google Maps to show you your customers’ locations in the most convenient way. Moreover, Badger provides live traffic updates and accurate turn by turn directions to reach your clients in the quickest way possible.

“Badger Maps saves me time. It has taken my daily schedule planning from 30 minutes down to about 5. And I see more customers because I can fit short-notice meetings into open spots in my day. It has definitely made me more productive with less stress.”

Lara Thomas

Sales Rep, DermaTran

Along with the map, Badger displays all your customers’ data. You don’t have to switch from one program to another because Badger acts as an all-in-one solution. Badger grabs all your customers’ information and serves as a centralized database.

So with just a simple click of a button or tap on the screen, Badger shows you the exact information you need in a given situation. These real-time updates are crucial in making informed decisions. What’s more, Badger can even systematically organize your customers’ details to help you analyze your marketing strategies.

As this point in time, you know that Google Maps is not enough for your business needs. Sign up for a free Badger Maps trial today to learn more.

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