Sales Call Mapping

Sales Call Mapping

Sales call mapping and route planning are two of the most important parts of a sales rep’s job. It is only unfortunate that their importance is directly proportional to their tediousness and boringness. Since it’s obvious that a sales rep would much rather spend all of his workday selling and being productive, these tasks are best left to more ‘expert hands’. And by ‘expert hands’ we mean Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is the leading route optimization software on the market today. A mapping tool, route planner, and schedule manager all rolled into one, Badger Maps’ versatility makes it the ultimate dream software for sales reps all over the country. Being highly interoperable, its completely compatible with both PC and Mac. It also integrates easily with any CRM and personal calendar, allowing you to map out your entire sales territory, optimize your routes, and organize your schedule in a matter of minutes.

"We have field reps that have been in sales for over twenty years that tell me this is the best piece of sales software they've ever used."

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager

Every sales rep can surely appreciate a stress-free journey, one where getting lost or being stuck in traffic would be highly unlikely. With the Badger app on your Apple or Android smart phone and tablet, you can access Google maps and get traffic updates, turn by turn driving directions, and alternative routes so you avoid traffic congested areas. You can also search Google for new leads to visit by keying in your target area and customer type. Finding prospective customers has never been this easy.

Badger Maps also has an extremely useful lasso tool that lets you draw exact shapes on your map and customize your routes, adjust fields, and make mass updates for large groups of accounts. It also has a check-in feature that automatically creates a permanent history for every account you visit.

With all of these features and more, Badger Maps sales call mapping software is indeed the optimal choice for sales reps everywhere.

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