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How to Get Cool Stuff for Free with Badger Maps


Everyone likes money. The only thing better than money using it to get cool stuff. I think we can all agree that if cool stuff was free, the world would be a much better place. We’re assuming that you’re furiously nodding your head in agreement, so we’ll get to the point –

What if you could get cool stuff for free with Badger Maps? Before we continue, take a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor. Badger Maps is giving away cool stuff everyday through our referral program – which you can have a piece of too.

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Announcing the Badger Maps Knowledge Base

The Badger Maps team has launched its online help platform, the Knowledge Base. Find it here.

Knowledge Base

Through this platform, you can access a multitude of items, sorted by category, to better understand Badger Maps and how it operates. The idea behind knowledge base is to provide quick answers to common questions. Continue reading “Announcing the Badger Maps Knowledge Base”

Want $50?

Edit: Our referral policy has changed as of June 2017, check it out here.

Do you like Badger? Want your friends to enjoy it too? You can help get them started and earn yourself $50 with Badger’s referral program!

Badger's Referral Program

Whether you are a paying customer or in a free trial, you can share Badger and receive $50 per user who subscribes to our service.

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Badger Launches Referral Program


Badger just launched a referral program!

Refer a friend or colleague and you get a $50 Amazon Gift Card once they subscribe (even if you are in a free trial or your company is footing the bill). There is no limit to the number of gift cards you can get – If 10 of your friends subscribe, you’ll get $500.

To start referring people, you just click on the settings menu in Badger to get your unique code to email to people. (If you don’t have an active trial or account, you can easily sign up to start making referrals). Badger won’t track who you email. Check out the video above to see a demo of how to make a referral.

Now we have to decide what the slogan should be:

1.  ”Tell your friends and your enemies – you get $50 either way.”

2. “There is NO free lunch, but Badger WILL give you $50 to send an email.”

Happy Referring,



Badger Maps is nominated as one of the “Top 20 G-Startups” at GMIC 2013!


GMIC SV, Silicon Valley’s largest mobile expo with over 10,000 developers, executives, startups, and investors from over 60 countries, is convening this weekend; participants will learn the most recent developments in trends and implications in the adoption and application of mobile technology. The “G-Startup Competition” promises to be a highlight of the conference. To pick the finalists, a panel nominated 20 apps from over 100 applicants representing over 24 countries. Badger Maps, a route mapping app for sales professionals, was named a finalist.

The show kicks off in 3 days at San Francisco Moscone Center – South. Come find us at the GMIC exhibit floor in Standard booth #  T156


San Francisco Moscone Center – South

747 Howard Street

San Francisco, CA 94103


Tuesday Oct 22nd, 2013    : 9:30AM – 6:00pm

Wednesday Oct 23rd, 2013: 10:00AM – 6:00pm

For more updates on this exciting event, follow us on on Twitter.

We look forward to seeing you!

Aaron Tolson

Co-founder | Badger Maps



Badger Maps is featured as one of the “Top 40 Sales Tools of 2013” by Smart Selling Tools.


Is there one sales tool to rule them all? There might be, for field sales reps. Nancy Nardin, the chief editor of the blog Smart Selling Tools and among the “Top 25 Sales Influencers” as ranked by HubSpot and LinkedIn, wrote a requirements document for a field sales app in her most recent blog post. In the post, Nancy referred to Badger Maps as “the first application that bundles all of the “in-a-perfect-world” capabilities into one sales tool.”

And this week, we are humbled by being featured as one of the “Top 40 Sales Tools of 2013” by Smart Selling Tools. Here’s what Smart Selling Tools loves about the Badger Maps:

  • Accessible through a tablet or smartphone
  • Efficiently plan routes and adjust schedule on-the-fly
  • Filter customers by key attributes such as sales volume, customer type, and days since last visited
  • View details such as: account type (lead, prospect, or customer), sales volume, and next steps
  • Find new prospects and add them to your list of accounts
  • Sync with CRM software
  • View customer details such as: contact number, open hours, and website
  • Share routes and the ability to schedule them with inside sales or managers

Want to learn more about making your day more productive with the Badger Map? Watch our 3 minute video on customer mapping, leads generation, route optimization and CRM integration.

The Badger Map Team

Location Based App Providing Value

Location Based App

Michael Calore, a writer at, recently penned a piece pertaining to the importance of location based data and how Foursquare, a location based app, was leveraging its data to create value. Although filled with great insight, the best takeaway was the growing importance of location based data summed up nicely in this quote, “If it doesn’t have location, it feels like there’s a missing limb there…”

So the question going forward becomes if there is all this location based data, are companies doing enough its value?