5 Meditation Tips to Increase Sales
5 Meditation Tips to Increase Sales This ultimate meditation guide for salespeople will specifically focus on how to train your brain to stay focused and productive in sales. This guide will help you achieve this in five steps: take in the good, express gratitude, perform acts of kindness, be a single-tasker, and practice mindful breathing.  1. Take in the good2. Express Gratitude3. Perform Acts of Kindness4. Stay Focused5. Practice Mindful Breathing Living in the information age, we keep developing our technological consciousness to be more and more productive. Most companies are still waiting for the pay off as the era of productivity has given rise to....
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How to Motivate Yourself In Sales: Ultimate Guide
How to Motivate Yourself In Sales: Ultimate Guide    Understanding the fundamentals of motivation will create remarkable transformations within you. To motivate yourself in sales depends more on the way you think about motivation than the results you deliver. Every sales rep experiences highs and lows in their career. It’s easy to let this discourage you and lose motivation. A lack of motivation is actually a lack of direction. How to Motivate Yourself In Sales: Start By Creating Your Vision The first step is creating a vision. A vision that is vivid, ambitious and easy to understand. An impulse, a drive, a motion towards a destination. Vision creates motivation. Create a picture....
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Top Stress Management Techniques for Salespeople
Top Stress Management Techniques for Salespeople In today’s age of advanced technology, the realm of sales has become increasingly competitive. Whether you’re a field sales rep, account manager, or even a CEO, your list of responsibilities ranges from maintenance of potential and existing customer relationships to overseeing the entire sales operation. With all of these responsibilities to juggle, it’s no mystery as to why salespeople are experiencing high levels of stress. So how can sales agents rise above to persevere and optimize productivity? Here are the top stress management techniques for salespeople of all positions to handle their many duties. Some General Tips #1 Stay....
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