First on the Scene: How Quick Action Improves Your Sales Success
First on the Scene: How Quick Action Improves Your Sales Success A guest blog by Diego Pineda, Senior Content Creator at CloudTask Have you noticed how Facebook “bribes” business pages owners to respond quickly to messages? They offer you a "Very Responsive to Messages badge” that will automatically appear on your Page if you have a response rate of 90% or more and response time of 15 minutes or less. Why do they do this? In their own words: “People appreciate when a business is available and responsive to their questions and product inquiries. The Very Responsive Badge indicates to anyone who comes to your Page that you have an established....
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Three Common Challenges for Sales Reps
Three Common Challenges for Sales Reps How Badger Maps Can Help Tackle Them Being an outside sales rep directly means that time is money and your salary is strictly intertwined with both prospecting and closed sales deals. There are some common challenges for Sales Reps.  Spending countless hours in the car, finding a parking spot and navigating in unknown areas is the source of many a salesperson’s sorrows. Basically, it negatively affects your ability and capacity to sell effectively. Most sales representatives rely on Google Maps, MapPoint or other similar planners to create their daily routes and schedules, but too often these apps fail at....
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