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Who Can Help You Improve Your Sales?
Who Can Help You Improve Your Sales? There are numerous reasons why sales jobs have high turnover rates. Sales involves many habits people dislike: approaching strangers, questioning strangers, keeping up with those strangers, and genuinely caring about their needs. This is not to assume that the average person does not like people. But many people are too lazy or uninterested to actually fulfill these tasks. Maybe it is lethargy or embarrassment or awkwardness, but a more plausible reason, believe it or not, is that not everyone likes pursuing social interactions. Meeting a client face to face is a golden opportunity. A salesperson can not afford to....
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Why Referrals are the Best Way to Generate Sales
Why Referrals are the Best Way to Generate Sales DirecTV gives their customers up to $1000 in bill credit if they refer others to their DirecTV service. For every new customer referred to DirecTV, their current customer gets a $100 credit (up to 10) and DirecTV becomes the provider for another household, gaining monthly service fees in addition to any special event or upgrade fees. The new customer gets a friendly new service ready to lavish them with benefits. This article is not a pitch for DirecTV, despite the laudatory language. But DirectTV’s approach definitely demonstrates the value of referrals and recommendations. If DirecTV, a faceless company, understands it....
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The New Drop-Pin Feature For Badger
The New Drop-Pin Feature For Badger Many of our customers have asked for a way to get a location with just the tap of a finger. This would be especially helpful in rural areas or in those areas in which addresses are hard to locate. Now you can easily make a location with the new drop-pin capability. Drop pinning will allow you to right-click a location and get the longitude and latitude coordinates on your computer. The location can be saved as a new account and then integrated into a route, with or without an actual address. No matter what you need it for, drop-pin can....
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