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The Complete List of Sales Techniques
The Complete List of Sales Techniques Whether you’re an expert outside salesperson or a brand new hire, you probably know that customers are unique.  The variability in needs among the client base forces a salesperson to possess a varied skill set of techniques that cater to the sale at hand.  This list serves as a cheat sheet for some of the most common sales approaches and techniques, as well as some that may be added to your repertoire to make you a super salesperson! Approaches                                             ....
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Why You Need Check-ins for Sales Routing
Why You Need Check-ins for Sales Routing If you have sales routing software, you are already saving gas, time and money.  Now that these are taken care of, it’s time to talk about checking in with clients.  Badger Maps’ check-in feature keeps track of a number of important components all in the same place as your sales routing optimization. Here are four fantastic reasons why you should use check-ins: 1. You can set the type of check-in you made You can choose what kind of visit you made to the account.  The optimum visit to a customer is in person of course, but other types of....
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