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The Power of Questions in Sales
The Power of Questions in Sales How can you better influence the sales process? A lot of people think that spending the majority of their time talking about their product or service is the best option. But the truth is that telling is not selling. Selling is about helping the other person understand why they want to pay you to help them achieve their goals or objectives. The most effective way to reach that point is to ask questions to understand your prospect’s reasons. Data from sales intelligence company confirms what great salespeople intuitively understand: Salespeople close more deals when they ask questions rather than....
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Unlocking your Social Brain to Grow Sales
Unlocking your Social Brain to Grow Sales How can we increase our social awareness to interact with others in a more efficient, inspirational and influential way? In today’s interconnected world, collaborating well with other people is an increasingly important skill. One way of thinking about our social interactions is to use the SCARF Model, which can help us make those interactions more successful. David Rock’s SCARF Model is a summary of important neuroscientific discoveries about the way we interact socially. The model is built on three central ideas: 1. Your brain treats social threats and rewards with the same or even greater intensity as physical threats....
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