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Plan Routes Better: Find Leads, Create Opportunities
Plan Routes Better: Find Leads, Create Opportunities You know where you want to go, but do you really know how to get there? All roads lead to Rome, but how do you find the one that is most efficient and fastest? Imagine cutting your hours on the road by 20%. What do you do with that saved time? All these questions have to do with how you schedule your work day. Or more generally, they are related to how you create sales opportunities. To save time and, by extension, money, salespeople need route planning software. This allows them to create the most efficient route between customers. This kind....
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Why CRM is Important and How Employees Should Use It
Why CRM is Important and How Employees Should Use It Customer Relationship Management software has become commonplace in our hyper connected society. However, many employees are not using these tools that can simplify life in daily business. After all, what are the benefits of a good CRM anyway? Gather all the customer data We live in a society where information is crucial. Knowing your customers and having a personalized relationship with them has become necessary to your sales process. CRM software is used to gather all the data needed to not lose any information on your customers. Thanks to them, your salespeople can access, in an instant, all the data and increase their....
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The Life of an Intern in Silicon Valley
The Life of an Intern in Silicon Valley The Golden Gate, the cable cars, the sun and the beach... What student has not dreamed of doing an internship in San Francisco? Badger gives this opportunity to a number of qualified students, both American and foreign. As Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps, said: "Startups are, by nature, a great place to intern. In fact, all key activities are represented, and the people, often experts in their fields, are there to execute them. In addition, most startups are small enough that trainees are in direct contact with the experts and learn so much from them. " Benefits for students Startups such as....
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