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4 Ways a Seasoned Sales Hire Can Bring You Success

Business strategy is, in some ways, similar to chess.

Your board (or sales territory) is full of the standard battle-ready pieces: pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, kings, and queens; each of which brings their own unique abilities to the game. A new sales rep is the rook: a relatively strong player because of their range of flexibility but limited in their movements. Similarly, the experienced sales hire would be the pawn.

That’s right. A pawn.

Our rep is the pawn because he tends to get overlooked in the hiring arena. But, like pawns in chess, sales reps are highly versatile. When your pawn makes it to the opponent’s end of the board, it becomes one of the most powerful pieces in the game.

Adding an experienced player to your team can give you an unexpected advantage.

Your rep could be the trailblazer for the rest of your team.

The knowledge and expertise they carry from prior experience can provide you, the hiring manager, with desirable benefits. You’ll have more time for other tasks, a higher ROI with an overall increase in sales volume, and an exceptionally strong and competitive sales team. With a fresh sales hire, you’d likely experience a fraction of these perks.


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