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How Your Personal Happiness Affects Your Sales (And what you can do about it)
How Your Personal Happiness Affects Your Sales (And what you can do about it) A career in sales can be simultaneously stressful and exciting. As the importance of the job increases, so do the difficulties. These days, prospects know exactly how to respond to sales tricks and are no longer afraid to consult the internet and research alternatives. While a lot of salespeople can handle the pressure, some crumble under it. If you don’t take care of your happiness, your sales success can take a hit. That’s why we researched the relationship between happiness and sales success. Is personal happiness actually important in your sales career?
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Quiz: What Sales Animal Are You?
Quiz: What Sales Animal Are You? You've probably heard of a 'Sales Shark' - that persistent sales rep who won't take 'no' for an answer. However, an aggressive sales style isn't always the best fit for every deal. Closing gets the credit, but other aspects of the sales process, like customer experience, are just as important. It's time for sales teams to make room for other animals. Take the quiz below to find out what Sales Animal you are based on your selling style and personality. Then learn how Badger Maps can help you improve your unique sales process.
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