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How to Persuade Prospects with Testimonials
How to Persuade Prospects with Testimonials Asking for testimonials can feel awkward at first. After all, we've all seen those annoying pop-up windows that ask you to review something you haven't even tried yet. People are naturally skeptical, some more so than others. So should you avoid asking for testimonials altogether? Definitely not. Testimonials are an extremely powerful way to get more business. You just have to ask for them the right way. The difference between annoying a customer and receiving a well-deserved testimonial is trust. Trust is hard to earn. All of us have had times where we haven't fully trusted a friend or colleague....
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The Ultimate Sales Communication Guide
The Ultimate Sales Communication Guide Communication creates relationships, and relationships drive sales. Understanding how you can use verbal (and non-verbal) communication to affect others is the difference between good salesman and a great one. Sales Communication Opens Doors By expressing yourself strategically, you strengthen the bond you create with prospects. Clients open up more than they would otherwise, and as a result new opportunities form. If you’re ready to improve your sales communication, this guide is for you. [optin-monster-shortcode id="zzdeocahj3gj34ddztj9"] First & Last Impression Did you know that sight accounts for 83% of the information our brain processes? That means the second a prospect sees you, they start....
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