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5 Phrases That Will Kill Your Sales Negotiation
5 Phrases That Will Kill Your Sales Negotiation Robin Sharma wisely said, "Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well." Have you ever been on the verge of closing a deal, when suddenly one seemingly harmless phrase changes your client’s mind? You’re not alone, even the best salespeople have had this happen to them. Unsuspecting comments can occasionally turn off a prospect or make them question our capacities. The best sales negotiation training experts recommend using role-playing and simulations to become skilled at avoiding these types of phrases. Here are the most common sale-killing phrases to watch out for in your next meeting. "The least I....
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Badger Maps Provides Free Mapping Software to Support Communities Impacted by California Wildfires
Badger Maps, a mapping and route optimization app, has provided its software for free to all first responders, insurance, repair workers, and relief organizations who are on the ground during the wildfire disaster in California. The app will help them be more efficient and address various cases in a structured way.   Insurance companies, volunteer organizations, and recovery workers, among many others, are doing their best to provide relief and help the communities and surrounding regions affected by the Camp, Hill, and Woolsey Fires rebuild from this tragedy. At this time, insurance adjusters need to visit thousands of homes in the....
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New Feature: Radius Tool + Other Updates
New Feature: Radius Tool + Other Updates A long-awaited feature is finally here and we’re very excited to announce the Radius tool! Many of our users have been requesting this feature so that they can easily search for a group of accounts based on a point on their map. With the Radius tool, you can now draw a circle around any point on your map with a defined radius. This will making creating routes and updating territories easier than ever before! You can find the Radius tool under the new “Tools” section in the left sidebar. Lasso will also now be under this section for easy access....
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