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How to Avoid the Sales Stress
How to Avoid the Sales Stress Every minute of your day is booked. Every second is filled with stress. You snooze your alarm for the third time this morning only to realize you’re already late for work. You miss breakfast and  grab coffee on the way - only to spill it on your nice, clean shirt.  You’re 35 minutes late to the office. Everyone you call gives you a hard time. You try your best to hook new leads, doing everything you can to keep the sale on the line, only to have that client wind up in the arms of your biggest competitor instead....
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10 Sales Tips for Cold Calling
10 Sales Tips for Cold Calling As a salesperson, you know a thing or two about talking to people on the phone, effective communication and forming relationships.  However, one aspect of sales that even the best salespeople struggle with is the dreaded Cold Calls.  Cold Calling is the solicitation of business from potential customers who have had no prior contact with the salesperson conducting the call.  Picking up the phone and making these calls can be challenging. This is not only because you’ve had no prior interaction with these people and you don’t know what to expect, but also because cold calls aren’t always received with....
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Three Common Challenges for Sales Reps
Three Common Challenges for Sales Reps How Badger Maps Can Help Tackle Them Being an outside sales rep directly means that time is money and your salary is strictly intertwined with both prospecting and closed sales deals. There are some common challenges for Sales Reps.  Spending countless hours in the car, finding a parking spot and navigating in unknown areas is the source of many a salesperson’s sorrows. Basically, it negatively affects your ability and capacity to sell effectively. Most sales representatives rely on Google Maps, MapPoint or other similar planners to create their daily routes and schedules, but too often these apps fail at....
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Top Stress Management Techniques for Salespeople
Top Stress Management Techniques for Salespeople In today’s age of advanced technology, the realm of sales has become increasingly competitive. Whether you’re a field sales rep, account manager, or even a CEO, your list of responsibilities ranges from maintenance of potential and existing customer relationships to overseeing the entire sales operation. With all of these responsibilities to juggle, it’s no mystery as to why salespeople are experiencing high levels of stress. So how can sales agents rise above to persevere and optimize productivity? Here are the top stress management techniques for salespeople of all positions to handle their many duties. Some General Tips #1 Stay....
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