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Whether you are selling insurance, medical devices, or in the wholesale industry, the success of your business depends the number of closed deals and the relationships you make. How can you close the most deals in the most efficient way?

Badger has many features to help your sales team make the most of their resources, no matter the industry. Sales reps can efficiently map out their routes and find the best way to get to their customers. With the help of Badger, your sales team can minimize the time they spend in planning how they can travel from one customer to the next. Reps can focus on their customers instead of planning their day with a map, schedule, and CRM.

The best thing about Badger is its ability to help field sales reps keep track of their customers and find new ones. Some of the fantastic features of Badger includes route optimization, CRM integration, check-ins, Lasso Tool, and calendar integration.

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