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Running a real estate business is tough. There is a lot of competition and, sometimes, it really is a case of the fastest being the winner. If you cannot get to a real estate visit before your competitors, you stand a very real chance of losing the chance to list the property. It doesn’t do your professional image any good either, if you can’t be on time for an appointment.


Badger Maps takes the strain out of route planning, especially when you need to make several real estate visits in one day. Badger Maps offers you a real innovative way of planning and optimizing your routes, of giving you the most direct route between clients and avoiding the need to keep backtracking on yourself.

"Incredible insight into the reps calendar’s and routes that wasn’t possible before I had Badger.”

Dylan Schauben


Badger uses parameters that you set, including start and finish locations, appointment times, etc., to optimize your route, saving you up to 20% in driving time while potentially increasing the number of real estate visits you can make in a week by up to 25%. We offer you unique features, such as check in, enabling you to create time and date stamped records of every visit. We offer you a mobile app, which gives you a full appointment list, turn by turn driving directions for each piece of real estate you need to visit and access to live traffic updates.

Badger also offers a number of innovative and unique client management features; features that allow you to take control and put your real estate business to the top of the listings. For more details on how we can help your real estate business today, click on each of the links below. We will also give you information on how you can try our software today, free of charge, with our no obligation trial.

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