When you run a pharmaceutical business, there are some things that are important – good time keeping and reliability are two of the most important factors. Your customers want their pharmaceutical deliveries made on time because, after all, lives could depend on it. In some ways, your pharmaceutical business is not far behind the emergency services – if you can’t deliver on time, the consequences could be dire for some people.


Badger Maps takes your pharmaceutical business and shakes it up, giving it an image that shouts of professionalism and reliability. Our map routing software can get you to every visit, on time and we do this with our innovative route mapping features. Once you connect your client database to our software, all your pharmaceutical clients will show up on a map. Adding them to a route map is a simple as clicking a button and optimizing the route is even easier.

We provide your pharmaceutical delivery drivers with access to a calendar of appointments, full turn-by-turn driving directions for each client and access to live traffic updates, allowing them to skip around the traffic and make their visits on time.

"Have you ever had a meeting with someone and missed two nearby customers who would have been perfect drop-ins? Badger fixes that. I've found opportunities I would have missed entirely."

James Wendt

Business Development Rep, The Lake Company

We also a whole range of other client management features, including

  • Colorize – see your pharmaceutical companies in new and unique ways
  • Check in – create permanent time and date stamped records of all visits
  • Drop pin – allowing you to add hard to find locations to your route map
  • Lasso – giving you the option of drawing your own route map

Badger Maps also makes it easy for you to find new pharmaceutical prospects. Using our built in features, you can run a search and see hundreds of potential new leads in minutes, and decide which ones to add for a visit and which ones to call instead.

Give Badger Maps the opportunity to put your pharmaceutical business ahead of all the others. Click on the links below for more information and find out how to get a free trial of our software today.

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