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The whole point of a courier services company is that they are on the road, all day every day, making deliveries and picking up items. What happens when traffic gets in the way or your agents find that their route map isn’t right? Time and money are wasted is what happens but you can avoid all of that with Badger Maps.


Our software is designed with certain industries in mind, one of those being courier services, and because we aim our software at you, we have what it takes to get your drivers on the right track. With Badger Maps on your side, you can:

  • Plan and optimize delivery routes more efficiently
  • Reduce driving time by up to 20% every week
  • Increase deliveries by up to 25% each week
  • Create time and date stamped records of every visit
  • Generate new leads quickly and efficiently, to find new business

“The data we get from Badger is phenomenal! Being able to dial in on qualified customers saves a ton of time.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

Badger Maps is your all in one business solution. You can easily integrate your customer database with our software and see all the customers that use your courier services on one map. You can use our Colorize feature to manage your client database, run a simple search for new leads in any chosen area and use our mobile app to take full advantage by using Badger with Google Maps to get accurate and up to date information, street level mapping, live traffic updates and turn by turn driving directions.

With all of these features and many more besides – too many to mention – you can make your courier services the best in town. Your drivers will always be on time and your customers will always be happy and that equates to money in the bank.

Check out the links below for more information on how Badger Maps can help your courier services take off and find out how to get a free trial and try it out for yourself today.

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