Dental surgeries and practices can be found everywhere, on just about every street in every neighborhood but that doesn’t make them any easier to get to by road. When your dental reps go out on the road, they expect to accomplish a certain number of visits, be they to drop off samples, a follow up visit or visiting a new lead but so much can get in the way of that. Badger Maps software has been designed to get your reps to the right place at the right time, solving all your problems in one go.


How much time is wasted every day, when your reps have to juggle maps, calendars and customer databases to plan their routes? Too much but Badger can help put your dental reps back on the right track. We offer easy to use features such as:

  • Easy connection with your CRM or spreadsheet – that brings all your clients together on one map
  • Easy route planning – click on a client and add them to the route
  • Route optimization – one click of a button and your route is fully optimized to save time and money
  • Calendar integration – export driving directions to your desktop or mobile and integrate with your calendar
  • Mobility – take Badger everywhere
  • Turn by turn driving directions – neve take a wrong turn again
  • Live traffic updates – avoid hotspots and unexpected holdups
  • Check in – record visits with a permanent date and time stamped record

And many more features besides. One feature of which we are particularly proud is our lead generation feature. Traditionally, this has involved many hours of painstaking internet and phone book research but with Badger Maps, you can run a quick search for all dental practices in a specific area and see all the results, instantly on a map. That alone can save a ton of time, leaving your dental reps more time to be out on the road earning money and bringing in new accounts.

The links below go into more detail on our features and you can also check out how to get a free trial of Badger Maps software and put your dental business on the map.

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