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If there is one thing that an auto repair company has to be, it is efficient. When customers call you out because their car needs repairing, or it needs picking up to be towed in to the auto repair shop, the last thing they want is to be kept hanging around waiting. Unfortunately, traffic gets in the way, as does poor routing and, in some cases, poor management. Badger Maps takes care of all of that, saving you time, money and your company reputation.

Let’s face it, good reputations are hard to come by these days but they can be lost in an instant. Badger Maps can keep your reputation intact and your auto repair company at the top of the list. How can a map software possibly do all that? It’s quite simple really. Let’s say your auto mechanics have a full day ahead of them but you get three emergency callouts. You can’t leave your customers stranded so someone needs to go out to them. Instead of picking one and driving to it, then back tracking halfway across the county to the next one, only to find that you have to go back again the third one, simply use Badger Maps to optimize your route map.

Simply by adding those customers to a route and clicking on the Optimize button, Badger will draw up an optimal route, the quickest way between all of the callouts without having to back track.

By giving your driver access to Badger Maps on his mobile device, he can take the driving directions with him and, with access to live traffic updates, he can get there in no time at all. Your driver is on the road for less time, its cost you less money in fuel and you have three very happy customers – as well as your reputation for being a top auto repair company.

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