Pharma sales are important; after all, it is companies like yours that supply the hospitals and the surgeries with their vital pharma requirements. If you want your pharma business to be top of the heap, you have to work at it. You have to be reliable, to supply what you clients want, when they want it. While most will place their orders in advance, there will always be those emergency calls, pharma supplies that are needed in a hurry.


Badger Maps can help your pharma business in a number of ways. We can connect with your customer database, and show you all your clients on one map. We can help you to plan your visit route easily and then optimize that route to save you time and money. We can help you to get all your appointments for the day onto your calendar. Then there’s our mobile app, which gives you

  • Full turn by turn driving directions for each of your pharma deliveries
  • Access to live traffic updates, helping you to skirt around those troublesome hotspots
  • Check in feature, helping you to create a time and date stamped record of every single pharma delivery you make

"I can get my sales meeting for the agency figured out and I can push it to everyone’s calendar."

Dylan Schauben

Vice President

Because our mobile app also provides interactive mapping, you can easily rearrange your route to take account of emergencies. If a call comes in for an emergency pharma delivery, your reps can easily add the visit to the route map, and get the delivery made on time.

Pharma deliveries are usually time critical and that’s why you need Badger Maps. We can get you wherever you need to be, in the shortest time possible, saving you money and time. We can also help you to increase the number of deliveries you can make by up to 25% per week.

If you want to find out how, click on the links below for more information. You can also get details on our free, no obligation 7 day free trial.

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