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Home health care visits are a vital part of the health service on offer, be they government run or private services. Some patients simply can’t get to the clinic or hospital when the need help and it is important that your home health care staff can get to them in good time, when they say they will.

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Home health care isn’t always about treating a health condition; sometimes, especially in the case of the elderly and those who live alone, it’s about having some company and if your staff can’t make it when they are supposed to , it can be a real let down. You can avoid that by using Badger Maps.

“Badger Maps saves me time. It has taken my daily schedule planning from 30 minutes down to about 5. And I see more customers because I can fit short-notice meetings into open spots in my day. It has definitely made me more productive with less stress.”

Lara Thomas

Sales Rep, DermaTran

Badger provides a number of features that are designed to help you and your home health care staff. We offer more than just a mapping software; we offer a complete business solution, designed to bring all your customer records together with a route map, your calendars and many other customer management tools. Badger is designed to make your life easy, to save you time and money while increasing how many visits your home health care staff can make in a week. We offer features like

  • Easy connection to your customer database
  • Easy route mapping
  • Easy route optimization
  • Easy integration with your calendar
  • Turn by turn driving directions
  • Live traffic updates
  • Street level mapping
  • Interactive mapping
  • Colorize feature: to manage customers in new and innovative ways
  • Check in feature: to create permanent records of every visit, each one date and time stamped
  • Lasso feature: to help you draw your own route map
  • Drop pins: to add hard-to-find locations to the map and to your customer database

You may notice we use the word “easy” quite a bit – that’s because using Badger Maps is easy and it’s the only way to revolutionize your home health care business. Click the links to see more information and find out how you can try us out for free.

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