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Patio and Deck

Most people have or want a patio and deck. If they don’t have one, they want it and if they do have one they will want it treated and maintained on a regular basis. No mater whether you are quoting for fitting a patio and deck or whether you are carrying out a maintenance schedule, you need to be on time.

If you only need to visit one client in a day then planning the route is easy but, if you have several visits, it can be tiresome and time consuming trying to plan the best route between them. Badger Maps has the solution you are looking for, the best route mapping system for your patio and deck business. We can offer you unique client management features and top of the range route mapping. With Badger Maps, you can

  • Connect your customer database to our software, so you can see all your clients on a real-time map
  • Add clients to a route map with a click of a button
  • Optimize the route to give you the most direct route between visits
  • Add the driving directions to your calendar as appointments
  • Get full turn by tur driving directions for each visit
  • Get live traffic updates to help you avoid those traffic hotspots

Badger can help put your patio and deck business firmly on the map and give you a professional image. With Badger, you need never be late for another appointment. But that’s not all we offer. Badger Maps is more than just a route planner; Badger is your all in one business solution, offering features that allow you to manage your clients easily, using key metrics; features that allow you to create permanent date and time stamped records of every visit.

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