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When you are in the medical device business, professionalism is vital. Your reps have to turn up when they say they will otherwise potential sales will fly out of the windows and your competitors will move in like sharks for the kill. While it might be simple to plan a single visit, when you medical device reps have to be in several places in one day, it can get more complicated. Add to that the hassle with fighting through the ever-increasing traffic and making it to appointments on time can be almost impossible sometimes.


"Badger has been able to almost entirely eliminate unproductive prep time for my agents."

Derrick Green

District General Manager, Colonial Life, Unum

That’s where you need Badger Maps. We can offer you the complete solution for all your medical device business needs. We offer you

  • Easy integration with your current database, allowing you to see all your clients on one map
  • An easy way to add clients to your route map
  • An easy way to optimize the route, saving driving time
  • Easy integration with your mobile or desktop calendar
  • Full turn by turn driving directions
  • Live traffic updates
  • Check in feature, allowing you to create time and date stamped records of every visit

We also offer you an easy way to find new prospects for your medical device business. Where lead generation used to take hours, if not days out of your time, Badger Maps simplifies the process, allowing you to see hundreds of potential new prospects at a glance. The best of this is, if your reps are out on the road and a scheduled visit is cancelled, they can do the same search, from their mobile. That means they can fit in a visit to a potential client in their area, negating dead time altogether.

Badger Maps is the best solution for your medical device reps. We can save you time and money and give your business a professional image. Click on the links below for more information and find out how you can get your hands on a no obligation free trial today.

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