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Heating and air conditioning are an integral part of many buildings these days, residential and commercial. When the temperatures rise or fall beyond temperate, we need out heating and air conditioning; if it breaks down it can cause uncomfortable situations. It’s your business to make sure that doesn’t happen or, if it does, the problem is fixed quickly. While that can sometimes be done, especially if it’s the only visit you have to make in a  day, more often than not, it can’t; inadequate planning and traffic are just two reasons why so much time is wasted, engineers are late and money is wasted on unnecessary travel. So, how do you cut down on this wastage while increasing the productivity of your heating and air conditioning engineers and reps?


Badger Maps has the answer to that question and to many more. Badger is an all in one business solution, software that makes juggling several different softwares to create one route map a thing of the past. Badger offers

  • An easy way to integrate your customer database with our software
  • An easy way to plan a route map
  • An easy way to optimize your route map
  • Easy calendar integration
  • Full turn by turn driving directions
  • Live traffic updates
  • Much more besides.

The word easy seems to come, well “easily” and that’s because Badger Maps does make things easy. Our software is simple to use, offers some truly innovative features and make client management a breeze.

On top of that, we also make it easy to generate new leads for your heating and air conditioning reps to contact. A simple search, using parameters and filter set by you, can provide hundreds of potential leads in just a few minutes, leaving you free to decide which ones to visit.

Lick on the links below to see how Badger maps can help your heating and air conditioning business today and see how you can check out our claims with a free trial of our software.

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