It doesn’t matter whether you are running a taxi service, courier business or any other business that requires you to dispatch employees and vehicles to specific jobs, they have to be there, in the right place at the right time and excuses are not welcome. Traffic problems and routing problems are two of the biggest obstacles to any dispatch driver and getting round them can sometimes be a complete nightmare.


Luckily, Badger Maps can help you to save the day and save your business. Complaints are easy to come by and customers are only too happy to mon if your driver is late or can’t find his way to a particular destination. With Badger Maps you can sit back and watch the compliments kick the complaints into touch, with features such as

  • Easy route planning
  • Route optimization at the tap of a button
  • Easy calendar integration
  • Turn by turn driving directions
  • Live traffic updates
  • Street level mapping
  • Interactive mapping

“Our efficiency has easily increased over 100% since we’ve implemented Badger Maps. Each rep is seeing at least 2 more accounts and finding 2 more prospecting opportunities per day.”

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager, Kerr - Danaher

And many more features besides. Dispatch divers need to know exactly where they are going and with accurate information and routes that are always up to date, getting lost or held up is no longer an issue. And with features like Colorize, allowing you to manage clients intelligently, and Check in, a feature that lets you create permanent records of every visit, all date and time stamped, your dispatch business is going to race to the top in no time at all.

Efficiency and professionalism are everything; customers want to know that they can rely on you to dispatch the right driver to them at the right time and definitely at the right place. Check the links below to see how Badger Maps can help you to do that and see how to get your hands on a free trial of our software today.

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