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Pest Control

Pest control is a serious business. Nobody likes being overrun with vermin and when they are, they want it dealt with straight away. Vermin, like mice and rats, can cause an awful lot of damage, not to mention being unsanitary and most definitely unwanted. That’s where your pest control business comes in.


But, it’s no good being in the pest control business if you can’t turn up when someone needs your services. Your customers are not interested in traffic and they are not definitely not bothered about the fact that you have several clients to visit; all they want is the pests in their house gone and they want them gone now.

Badger Maps is the solution that you need to put your pest control business ahead of all the others. We offer you a range of route mapping features, including an easy way to add multiple visits to one route map and the optimize that route to provide the shortest and most direct route between clients. We offer you an easy way to add those clients to your calendar and, when you use our mobile app, you also get

  • Full turn by turn driving directions for each client
  • Live traffic updates, keeping you out of the way of these traffic hotspots and unexpected holdups
  • A unique feature called Check in, a way of creating a permanent history of all your visits, time and date stamped, with space for additional information and follow up action

Badger Maps is the only way to put your pest control business on the map and going in the right directions. With us by your side, your business will be reliable and professional, the two most sought after qualities in any business.

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