Dog Walking

Dog walking is a fun job; it keep you fit, earns you cash and you get to do something you love. But it’s not fun when you find yourself late to pick up your latest charge because the traffic head you up. It’s not fun when you lose your way getting to a new client and, when you have several dogs to walk in a day, planning a route can be a nightmare.


Badger Maps can work for you in many ways. First off, no doubt, you have some kind of spreadsheet that lists all your clients and their details and connecting that to badger Maps is easy. That means you get to see all you dog walking clients on one map and planning a route for the day is as simple as clicking on that day’s customers and adding them to a route map, before letting Badger optimize it. You set your start and finish locations, and can even set the times you are meant to be at each client and Badger will find the best route between all of them.

"Badger allows us to quickly see where the right customers are and plug them into the system."

Exporting the directions to your PC or mobile allows you to integrate them with your calendar as appointments and if you have a mobile device, it’s even easier to get your dog walking duties done in good time. With the mobile app, you get

  • Street level mapping
  • Live traffic updates
  • Turn by turn by turn directions, even when you are on foot
  • The most up to the minute information

Badger Maps can make dog walking a real walk in the park with so many useful features, designed to make the most of your time and the potential to increase your business by up to 25% in a week, and that is not to be sniffed at. Click on the links below to see how it all works and how to get a free no obligation trial of Badger Maps.

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