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Are you in the wholesale industry? Does your business depend on the efficient distribution of your merchandise and products to retail stores, supermarkets, and other grocery outlets? If yes, you probably know how hard it can be traveling back and forth from customer to customer. There are different challenges that you might encounter on the road that can waste time and energy.


This is where Badger Maps can help you. Badger is a solution that allows you to plot your customers on a map. With this feature, you can visualize the location of your customers and plan an optimized route to meet all your targets.

If you’re in a new territory, you can use Badger to generate the shortest distance from where you are to your customers. Badger also takes into consideration the level of traffic in each route and help you to make driving to different locations a breeze.

It’s undeniable that your wholesale business is affected by the time you spend on the road. This is why the Badger Map does the work of locating your customers giving you the opportunity to concentrate on things more important for your business.

Try Badger today and optimize your routes, quickly get to your customers, identify potential clients, and maximize the return on your energy and resources. Sign up for a trial and find out how Badger can bring your wholesale business to the next level!

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