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LTL trucking requires multiple drops on any given day and that makes optimal route mapping a priority. Unfortunately, not all map software is capable of drawing up an optimized route that gets your drivers from A to B and then on to C without having to backtrack or fight through traffic hotspots. This affects your LTL trucking business in a number of ways:


  • Time wasted on trying to map the right rout
  • Time and money wasted sitting in traffic
  • Time and money wasted with having to backtrack to get to a drop
  • Money wasted on gas and vehicle upkeep

Badger Maps is the solution that your LTL trucking business needs. With Badger Maps, you can:

  • Connect you customer database to our software, and see all your customers on one map
  • Manage your customer base in innovative ways, sorting by key metrics
  • Easily add customers to a route map and optimize it, using parameters that you set
  • Easy integration with your calendar

“With Badger we know what doors to knock on and what doors not to knock on. Badger helps us focus on the right customers, that makes us much more efficient.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

All of this saves you a whole heap of time, but Badger has more to offer in the form of a mobile app. When your LTL trucking drivers take the mobile app on the road, they get the added benefit of

  • Full turn by turn driving directions
  • Interactive mapping
  • Live traffic updates
  • Up to date and accurate street level mapping
  • Check-in feature, allowing your drivers to create time and date stamped records of every delivery they make

One of the most important parts of LTL trucking is getting the deliveries made on time with the least amount of hassle. Badger Mapping has all the features you need to save your drivers up to 20% on their driving time while making up to 25% more deliveries every week.

Want to know more? Click on the links below to find out how badger Maps can help your LTL trucking business today and find out how to test our promises with a free 7 day no obligation trial.

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