David Fisher - Sales Hall of Fame

Here at the Sales Hall of Fame, we honor some of the most distinguished professionals who continually inspire people with their cutting edge insights and intellectual influence.

David (also known as D. Fish) is a speaker, coach, and author of 9 books, including the best-selling Hyper-Connected Selling and Networking in the 21st Century: Why Your Network Sucks and What to Do About It. David shows sales professionals the power of the Sales Sherpa™ Path, where digital tools, networking, and traditional sales skills are the key to providing value and staying relevant.

Find more info on the Sales Sherpa™ Path at: https://davidjpfisher.com/

Pick up one of his books at: https://davidjpfisher.com/bookstore/

And take a listen to his podcast, Beer, Beats, & Business, that shares his casual conversation, with leaders in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship: https://beerbeatsandbusiness.com/

To join his newsletter community, or to have him speak at your next event, reach out to dfish@davidjpfisher.com.

Check out David's Outside Sales Talk podcast episode here:


With a presentation style that is conversational yet polished, David engaged the audience with an amazing combination of strategies, tactics, and real-life stories. I've heard many speakers present on sales topics, but D. Fish elevated this above the run-of-the-mill!

Greg Mischio, American Marketing Association Chapter Leader

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