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Here at the Sales Hall of Fame, we honor some of the most distinguished professionals who continually inspire people with their cutting edge insights and intellectual influence.

Scott Leese is a top start-up sales leader, highly sought-after consultant, adviser, sales trainer,  and best-selling author of “Addicted to the Process.” Scott is a 4-time winner of the Top 25 Inside Sales Professionals by the American Association of Inside Sales and he is the founder and CEO of Scott Leese Consulting, a firm that has helped companies scaling from $0 - $25m ARR.

Scott is also the founder of Surf and Sales, a company that provides an alternative to standard sales conferences by providing deeper learning and meaningful relationships while learning to surf in a paradise destination

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Scott has the ability to take the most complicated situation, simplify it for all to understand, and develop a solution that is always right in line with what needs to be done. The strong leader that he is, he then rallies his team to put the solution into action.

Gabriel Moncayo, CEO & Co-founder of Always Hired Sales Bootcamp

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