Alice Kemper - Sales Hall of Fame

Here at the Sales Hall of Fame, we honor some of the most distinguished professionals who continually inspire people with their cutting edge insights and intellectual influence.

Since 1983 Alice has been an international training solution provider as founder of Sales Training Consultants and Sales Training Werks. Alice and her team use their exclusive 3E Sales Accelerator Method to engage, energize and equip sales teams to sell more day-in and day-out. Alice’s clients boast of 5-35% sales increases within the first 10 weeks from their live, virtual-live or done-for-you sales training options.

Check out her website - a complete sales training resource for sales managers to lead high-impact, high-pay off Monday morning sales meetings—all 30 minutes or less. Use the code podcast for a 50% savings.

Visit 6 Killer Hacks for the Perfect Sales Meeting - Stop the boring sales meetings with the 6 hacks to do what sales meetings are meant to do… build sales reps to sell more.

3 Quota Busting Templates to Increase Sales 3x in 3 Weeks: Bottom line  everyone on your team isn’t cutting it or meeting their monthly sales numbers. And you’re worried. You’re possibly losing some sleep and on top of that you’re trying to keep the boss at bay from pressuring you on meeting those numbers. Top sales managers who use these 3 Quota Busting Templates to Increase Sales see a 3x Increase in only 3 Weeks!

Check out Alice’s Outside Sales Talk podcast episode here:


If you want someone that cares, commits, and even fights for your success, then you should talk to Alice.

Robert Lee, New Business Developer

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