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As the saying goes: time is money. So how do you increase your sales while saving time?

Route optimization software is the latest technology for field sales. Coupled with Google Maps, Badger Maps makes it possible for sales representatives to earn up to 25% more sales while reducing their time on the road by 20%.

How is this possible?

Sales representatives often lose a lot of time while planning their days. It is not easy to juggle a schedule, customer data, and road maps. With Badger, all these elements are integrated into a single program. So if you want to plan a day of work and you need to see some customers, simply select them in Badger Maps and the app will plan your day for you. The software will provide you the most efficient route between your customers, taking into account both the traffic and your calendar. That's how Badger saves you time.

In addition, Badger lets you find new customers and prospects easily. With our advanced search, you can uncover prospects and easily add to your client list and your route.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial and start saving time and money!

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