Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software

Sales reps spend quite a bit of time trying to plan out the most effective route for their daily visits. But when you add that time up across the week, you can see how much time is actually unproductive. Add to that the time spent driving unnecessary miles because the route hasn’t been planned properly and you are looking at a lot of money in terms of lost time.  Badger Maps is the perfect solutions, the ideal route scheduling software that takes the stress out of the day.

How can Badger Maps help you plan your whole day?

  • By plotting all your customers on one map
  • By allowing you to filter out your customers so you only see the ones you want to see
  • By making it easy to add those prospects to a route map and then optimizing that map

“Management could run up to the minute reports anytime on what was going on in the field – and then make adjustments accordingly. This freed them up to do more productive things.”

Jeff Speerstra

District Manager, Anchor Packaging

With route optimization, Badger Maps scheduling software maps out the most efficient route for your reps to take and this can result in significant time savings.  Not only are you saving time in planning every day but also in up to 20% less driving time.

What’s even better is that, with our mobile app, you can easily avoid traffic hotpots and get round accidents and diversions with the minimum amount of fuss. Ow? Because, with Badger Maps mobile scheduling software, you get access to:

  • Interactive mapping
  • Street level mapping
  • Live traffic updates
  • Turn by turn driving directions

Badger maps also offers a number of unique features that you can’t get with any other scheduling software:

  • Colorize – the ability to analyze customer data and sort your customers in ways you always wanted to but never could
  • Check-In – a tool that allows you to make permanent records of your visits, time and date stamped
  • Lasso – a feature that allows you to draw your own map of visits

And a great deal more besides. Try out Badger Maps scheduling software today, for free, with our 7-day trial and see how you can revolutionize your business.

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