Benefits of Using a GPS

Did you know that 77% of smartphone owners regularly use navigation apps for driving? 

In field sales, using a GPS app is almost mandatory – memorizing maps manually is a waste of time and energy. Physical maps were a thing of the past; these days leveraging technology is what separates an average salesperson from a great one.

Some of the main benefits of using a GPS app in field sales include:

  • Increased productivity:  Save time traveling by using the fastest route to arrive to your appointments. Less time driving = more time closing.
  • Convenience: GPS apps are available at your fingertips to help you navigate from almost anywhere in the world. 
  • Assurance: No need to worry about a spotty service. Online or offline, you’ll always find your way. 

Nowadays, the problem is not losing your paper map and getting lost in the middle of nowhere; the problem is choosing just one of the many GPS options available out there! 

To help you choose wisely, we made a compilation of the best navigation apps, including ones that are best for field sales, categorized by device type. 

And the best part? Some of these apps do much more than just providing turn-by-turn directions. They can actually help you close more deals and increase sales productivity!

Best GPS Apps for All Devices

Google Maps

Price: Free
Main benefit: User-friendly
Available on: MacPCiOSAndroid

Google Maps is the most intuitive and reliable tool to route up to 10 destinations. It provides you with accurate, real-time information regarding road conditions, traffic delays, and accidents. 

Electric vehicle drivers can now conveniently locate charging stations using their app, which offers up-to-date details on charger availability and charging speeds.

Despite giving you the flexibility to plan your day with ease, Google Maps may not be the best app for field salespeople as it cannot optimize routes and limits the number of stops you can add to a single route. 

However, when integrated with a specialized route planner such as Badger Maps, Google Maps can be one of the best navigation apps for field sales.

Badger Maps

Price: Starting at $58/month (Free 7-day trial)
Main benefit: Route optimization & navigation to 100+ stops
Available on: Mac, PC, iOS, Android

Although it’s not a GPS app at its core like the other apps on this list, Badger Maps is the best option as a GPS for field salespeople. Unlike other tools on this list, Badger is more than just a regular navigation and routing app.

Instead, it is designed with the needs of field salespeople in mind. Badger can optimize routes with 100+ stops, saving you time and gas money, and allowing you to focus on more important parts of the sales process. 

In addition, it has features like lead generation, meeting check-ins, follow-up reminders, and advanced planning. By using Badger as a field sales productivity tool, field reps sell 22% more and drive 20% less.

The best part? You can navigate to the routes created in Badger with any GPS system of your choice and get turn-by-turn directions to all your stops. All without leaving the app!

Badger Maps, the Highest Ranked App in the B2B Sales Mapping Apps Category


Image credit to MatrixPlace, a sales consulting firm that wrote an Analyst Report on Sales Mapping Software

Badger Maps is the Leading High-Performer in Field Sales


Price: Free
Main benefit: Real-time user-generated data
Available on: Mac, PC, iOS, Android

With over 140 million users, this Google-owned navigation app has gained a lot of traction over the past decade. 

It is very similar to Google Maps but is more sophisticated, quirky, car-oriented, and customizable. However, for salespeople who need to be fast and efficient, the colorful interface can be a little distracting. Waze’s greatest value is the live traffic updates from real-time data, which is sent in by other Waze users. However, similar to Google Maps, Waze does not allow more than 3 stops to routes, which can make it a limiting option for field sales reps.


Price: Free
Main benefit: Available offline
Available on: iOS, Android

HERE WeGo is a navigation app that guides travelers in foreign locations – perfect for salespeople charting unknown territory. 

To help you save precious international data, the app allows you to download routes and stay on course even without an internet connection.

It offers offline maps for more than 100 countries, provides traffic and parking information even before you begin your journey, and can help you find public transportation in more than 1,900 cities around the world.

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Best GPS Apps for iOS

Apple Maps

Price: Free
Main benefit: Seamless integration with Apple devices
Available on: iOS

If you own an Apple device, Apple Maps may be your easiest option for daily errand trips. 

Like all of Apple’s products, Maps is sleek, intuitive, and engaging. With its integration capabilities to other Apple devices, including Apple Watch, CarPlay, and Siri, Apple Maps could be the best choice for you… And, unlike most Apple products, Maps is completely free!

TomTom Go

Price: $1.99/month
Main benefit: Customizable maps
Available on: iOS, Android

Now compatible with Apple CarPlay, TomTom Go lets you customize maps for upcoming driving trips and is available offline. 

With data that is updated weekly and accurate real-time information, the app makes sure you avoid traffic jams, and you get to your destination as smoothly as possible.

While downloading the app is free, TomTom Go requires a subscription fee for traffic and speed camera data, or if you need to use it for more than 50 miles per month.

GPS Navigation & Maps

Price: Free
Main benefit: Simplicity
Available on: iOS

GPS Navigation & Maps is a great app for everyday driving, sales routes, and long routes on uncharted territories. The app has got you covered with or without an internet connection and will show you points of interest through their voice navigation feature.

Real-time traffic and speed camera warnings are only two of the many things that GPS Navigation & Maps will make you aware of, and their extra-detailed and beautiful maps will keep you engaged and alert!

Scout GPS Navigation

Price: Free (in-app purchases)
Main benefit:  Social navigation capabilities
Available on: iOS, Android

Compatible with Apple Watch, Scout is the first social navigation app that allows you to plan meet-ups, share locations with friends, and share your live ETA with your network in addition to providing turn-by-turn directions. This way, you can keep your sales team constantly updated.

Community-based Scout makes driving fun and expands our network by allowing you to create a ‘Meet Up’ group so that you can connect with others and never be late to an event. 

Scout also helps you discover new places and experiences that have been recommended by our most trusted advisors – our friends and teammates!


Price: Free (in-app purchases)
Main benefit:  Optimized for outdoors
Available on: iOS, Android

CityMaps2Go is a map for avid and organized travelers, mountain bikers, salespeople, and hikers who want to prepare for their upcoming trips in advance. It allows users to create lists of places they want to visit and provides inspiration from the world’s best travel magazines.

The app is optimized for outdoor usage, includes detailed and comprehensive information about millions of destinations, has worldwide coverage, works offline, and integrates seamlessly with all your devices.

Verizon VZ Navigator

Price: $4.99/month (available only for Verizon users)
Main benefit:  3D Imagery
Available on: iOS, Android

If you’re a Verizon user, count yourself lucky because you have access to Verizon VZ Navigator, a navigation app that uses real-time, spoken, turn-by-turn directions with traffic-based routing to get you where you need to be quickly and safely.

The app is convenient, customizable, and has a database of millions of destinations and businesses that is constantly updated for reliability, accuracy, rating changes, business hours, and new photos – perfect for some on-the-go, manual lead generation. 

Plus, Verizon VZ Navigator makes navigating easy using 3D city views and real-life road sign images.


Price: Free
Main benefit: Weather charts
Available on: iOS 

InRoute is one of the best GPS navigation apps to create different multi-stop routes simultaneously, as it allows you to add addresses as a pin, starting point, waypoint, or destination. This has proven to be a useful feature for many field salespeople.

Despite not having traffic alerts, InRoute makes up for this by offering unique features such as elevation and curviness information, as well as weather updates. For voice-guided navigation, increased customization, and advanced features you’ll need to pay an $11.99 in-app purchase fee.

Garmin Drive™

Price: Free

Main benefit: Parking spot finder

Available on: iOS, Android

Designed to simplify your driving experience, a challenge for most sales reps, Garmin Drive is a convenient app that connects your smartphone to dash cams and other compatible Garmin navigators using Bluetooth technology.

The app’s main features include live traffic updates, parking spot finders, traffic camera alerts, smart notifications, address sharing, weather updates, photo live traffic cameras, and dashcam reviews.

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Best GPS Apps for Android


Price: Free
Main benefit: Gas prices finder
Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

MapQuest not only provides you with a free, interactive map of their surroundings including real-time traffic slowdowns and incidents, it also helps you discover hotels, gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. 

Designed for the avid road tripper, MapQuest lets you create custom maps that you can easily share with your teammates to make your journey a smoother and more enjoyable one.


Price: Free (in-app purchases)
Main benefit: Lane assistant and speed warnings
Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Available in 200+ countries, with various languages, offering live traffic updates, and no required connection, MapFactor comes in handy when you’re in a location, whether familiar or foreign, with no internet service. 

Additionally, MapFactor lets you find the best route to get to your destination easily and reliably, which is a benefit for any outside sales rep. 

You can choose from alternative routes, optimized waypoints, and customization options – all with the help of features such as lane assist and heads-up displays.


Price: Free
Main benefit: Updated often
Available on: iOS, Android, Blackberry

Maps.ME is a great tool to have on all your adventures. It lets you easily download a map and choose a route so that you can prepare yourself for a smooth-sailing journey ahead.

Trusted by over 140 million users on a global scale, the app is fast, detailed, completely offline, and provides turn-by-turn navigation for walking, driving, and cycling anywhere in the world.  With Maps.ME, you can also save time planning your trip by utilizing their up-to-date travel guides.


Price: Free (in-app purchases up to $8.99)
Main benefit: Focused on offline maps
Available on: iOS, Android

This global map viewing and navigation for online and offline maps app is an all-in-one tool that helps people get quality information about their surroundings wherever they may be.

OsmAnd includes powerful features such as automatic rerouting, altitude display, vector maps, and unlimited free map downloads. As a salesperson, utilizing these nifty features will make your job easier!

Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps

Price: Premium North America: $ 12.49, North America + Traffic: $ 17.49, World + Traffic: $ 24.99
Main benefit: Focused on offline Tomtom maps
Available on: iOS, Android

Sygic prides itself on getting users to their destinations easily and safely using their high-quality 3D maps and even without an internet connection.

With this app, you will always find yourself on routes without traffic. Plus you’ll never have to worry about finding a parking spot, getting fined at traffic cameras, and overpaying for fuel costs thanks to their updated features that take care of all this for you.

CoPilot GPS

Price: Starting at $14.99 per year
Main benefits: Customizable for your vehicle type
Available on: iOS, Android

As its name suggests, CoPilot GPS helps you navigate your way around any route. With features such as a detailed traffic status bar, highway sign spots, and lane indicator arrows, CoPilot GPS is the best co-pilot a driver can ask for. Plus, the app is especially useful for delivery drivers because you can customize your vehicle type to either a car, truck or RV. This makes the app take road widths and height restrictions into account when optimizing your route of up to 52 stops.

Genius Maps

Price: Free maps, Pro Guidance routing starting at  $39.99
Main benefits: Offline map access and turn-by-turn navigation
Available on: iOS, Android

As smart as its name would like us to think, Genius Maps offers full map access, automatic rerouting, and turn-by-turn navigation even without internet access. Unlike Google or Apple Maps, Genius Maps allows users to download maps for almost every populated region in the world.

Moreover, its well-designed interface also makes it easy for users to interact with the app, all while making efficient use of limited screen space.

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While having access to basic navigation is no longer a problem for field salespeople, the current problem is finding the best app for each rep’s or team’s unique needs.

As there are a multitude of apps to choose from and each industry differs in its problems and needed solutions, your best bet is to download a couple of the tools recommended in this blog, utilize their free trials, and see which one works best for you.

However, if you’re looking for a tool that not only makes routing and navigation more efficient but also helps streamline every other part of the sales process, then the solution is a given. Badger Maps offers sales-specific features such as lead generation, follow-ups, and territory management, making it the best route planner and GPS application for all field salespeople. 

Start a free trial today and unlock the power of optimized routes, unlimited stops, seamless navigation, and more powerful field sales features that will help you lower your driving time and boost your close rate by more than 20%.

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More Questions about GPS Apps for Field Sales

What is the most accurate GPS app?
Most GPS apps today are pretty accurate. Those that have more users, such as Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps, tend to be more reliable because they have huge teams of developers constantly updating their accuracy through user data.
Is there a better GPS than Google Maps?
The best GPS app for you completely depends on your unique, individual needs. While Google Maps is great for simple routing and everyday errands, complex business routes like the ones utilized by field salespeople require more sophisticated software. Some apps such as Badger Maps are designed to not only optimize routes but also streamline all aspects of your job.
How accurate is a Phone’s GPS?
A mobile phone’s GPS can point you in the right direction with just as much precision as handheld, specialized GPS devices. As long as you have a good internet connection and satellite coverage, a phone’s GPS can provide you with hyper-precision.
Is Waze the best GPS app?
Waze is a great GPS app, but it may not be the best depending on your specific needs. Waze’s route planner has amazing features such as Carpool and live-traffic updates, but for some people, more specialized GPS systems with offline options may be a more suitable choice.
How do I get GPS on my phone?
To be able to use GPS apps on your phone, you first need to enable your location. Then, open your preferred app store and look for the GPS app you’d like to use, such as “Badger Maps”. Once downloaded and installed, make sure you give the app permission to access your location.

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