10 Best Ways to Increase Sales Productivity

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As a sales rep (or manager), you prioritize sales productivity. It's a key factor in the success and overall health of a business. Sales productivity is measured by the rate a rep increases revenue for a company. If you want to increase your sales productivity, you need to focus on doing the right things first. Remember, there's no point in doing a job efficiently if you shouldn't be doing that job at all. 

The more productive a rep is, the better he is at selling and forming relationships with his clients and leads. Nurturing these relationships is an important factor in a company's longevity.

Tracking the amount of time you spend face-to-face with customers, emailing, and planning future meetings gives you a clearer picture of your sales productivity. As a sales rep, you want to focus on the actual time you spend selling. Or else, as a sales manager, you should keep track of your team's metrics to understand how they can become more productive.

Sales are the bottom line for your company. Your ultimate goal is to sell as much as possible as fast as you can and maximize revenue. Reps and managers can use this guide to increase their sales productivity and rapidly reach their goals.

For Sales Managers

Optimize Your Onboarding 

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Effective sales training sets your team up for success. Properly onboarding a new employee shortens training time and increases the time they spend doing their job.

Your sales training content should be thorough and encompass enough detail for your sales rep. Not only is it valuable to have great training material, it's also crucial that your sales rep is reinforcing it with repeated practice.

Having experienced reps mentor new ones will aid in training, and be beneficial to your overall sales process. With your new employees successfully trained, they will be able to use their time more effectively and in turn you will see an increase in sales productivity.

Check in with Your Team

increase sales productivity by meeting

Scheduling weekly or monthly meetings with your employees helps increase sales productivity. Individual check-ins are a perfect time to have some one on one time with your sales reps and see how they are feeling and performing. This is especially helpful for new employees who are still going through training.

Use this time to motivate your reps and recognize areas they can improve in. This is also a great opportunity to get feedback from your team about how you can make them more productive. Your employees will feel like they have a voice within the company, and you could get some really great ideas and feedback from them.

Align the Marketing and Sales Teams

When marketing and sales are in line with each other, business will see a significant increase in sales productivity. If marketing and sales are not communicating, there can be a disconnect between the two and this will ultimately show in the company’s revenue.

As a manager, you should encourage your sales and marketing employees to work together, as the two can ultimately help each other in becoming more productive. For the sales team, it is their job to determine which leads are valuable - quality of leads is always better than the quantity of leads. It is then the marketing team's job to make sure they are attracting these types of leads. Thus, it is very important that the sales and marketing teams work together to ultimately close more deals.

Keep Your People Motivated

As a sales manager, it is very important to keep your reps motivated.  Motivating your reps helps them be more productive, and ultimately sell more. You need to understand what a rep does day-to-day and certain issues that a rep experiences which impact productivity.  Focus on positivity and support to keep reps at ease and prepared to continue selling.  Understand your reps needs and give advice for selling and working with clients. Offer rewards for your most productive reps to motivate them to sell more.  

Utilize Sales Tools To Increase Sales

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It is important to have good sales tools for your company in order to maximize productivity. Sales tools allow reps to keep track of their data, organize it, and sell more. Sales tools are vital for managers because it allows them to better measure rep performance. 

CRMs, communication apps, and route planning apps are great tools to track your reps' work.  Track your reps' progress with clients, leads, time spent selling, closed deals, etc. Use this data to understand what your reps focus most of their time on. Understand each reps sales process and recommend ways in which they can increase sales productivity.

For Sales Reps

Perfect Your Pitch


As a sales rep it is very important to have a well-versed sales pitch.  You need to research your target market and find their pain points.  Then, present your product or service in a way that provides solutions for these pain points.  

Next, it is essential to provide a call to action. Tell your audience exactly what they can do to act on their pain points by using your product. Your call to action can be to sign up for a trial, visit a store, visit a website, etc.  

Once you formulate how to best present your product to your audience and how it provides them with value, rehearse it.  You should have complete confidence that you have your pitch completely memorized so you can really provide the best representation of your product to sell.  

However, make sure to keep each pitch personal. Understand the personality traits or specific company details of each client or lead you visit to be as personable as possible.  

This blog on sales communication is a great source for better communication in sales that can greatly benefit you in the pitching process.  Once you perfect your pitch you’ll close more deals faster, therefore increasing your sales productivity.  

Set Goals and Follow Up

ways to increase sales productivity

As a sales rep, setting goals for yourself can be a great form of motivation. Setting both long term and short term goals will help you stay on top of your work and ultimately boost your productivity. Sometimes work can get a little stressful, and having goals to work towards gives you a better sense of direction. It also forces you to be more accountable of yourself, and guarantees that you will stay on top of your work. And once you meet your goals, you will have a great sense of achievement and fulfillment.

Get Better Leads


Leads are a very important aspect of a sales rep’s job.  As a rep, you need to continuously find new leads in order to continue selling.  To increase revenue for your company you need to stay productive (and sell). 

However, not all leads will increase your revenue and productivity.  Selecting leads that are the most suitable for your product will lead to a higher conversion rate.  It is good to have a long list of leads that you can pitch to and gain as customers, but it’s better to have a shorter list of great leads who have higher potential to purchase. 

Pitching your product to fewer, but better, leads will save you time and help you close more sales. By pitching to the best possible leads you spend more time selling to long-term clients and in turn increase your productivity.  

However, not all leads will increase your revenue and productivity. Selecting leads that are the most suitable for your product will lead to a higher conversion rate. It's good to have a long list of leads that you can pitch to and gain as customers, but it's even better to have a shorter list of great leads who have higher potential to purchase, segmented by market. There are many different ways to segment your market. Make sure you research the best strategy for your company.  

Prioritize Your Schedule 

You have a very busy schedule as a sales rep. You need to find a way to organize your daily schedule to get the most important things done. You need to prioritize since it is very difficult and less productive to do everything at the same time. You also need to identify who the most important people, companies, and tasks are to increase revenue in order to stay productive. 

In the field, it is important to be on time for all of your scheduled meetings to keep relationships strong. Significant and long-term clients should be at the top of your list, to ensure they are receiving optimal service. Leads should be prioritized after your existing clients because it is better to nurture your existing relationships for long-term growth.

Utilize Sales Tools

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Utilizing sales tools as a sales rep can help you greatly increase your productivity. Using tools like CRM’s, communication tools, and route planning can greatly increase productivity. 

Software Advice says, finding a CRM that works best for you and your company can help you stay organized. CRM’s allow you to keep track of your customers and their data all in one place. A CRM can help you automate tasks and stay on top of administrative work. With less administrative work to take care of, you’ll be able to focus more of your time on sales. 

Communication tools are great to keep in contact with clients and managers.  Keep contact channels open to ensure you have strong relationships with all of your clients. Contact everyone on-the-go and make sure you can always stay productive from anywhere. 

Additionally, sales tools, such as route optimization systems, can even help you become more efficient while you’re out in the field. Routing your day can help you stay on top of every meeting and make sure you get everywhere on time. Using routing systems can help you better plan your day and make sure you can be the most productive.  

Using these tips can help you with your selling process as a manager or sales rep. Aligning your sales with these tips will help you sell more in less time, and therefore increase your sales productivity.

Are you ready to be increase your productivity? 

Authors: Jayne Head and Cassie Aceves

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