How to Improve Sales Productivity

How to improve sales productivity for busy sales reps

Time management is a key component to any successful sales strategy. A business' primary objective is focusing on how to improve sales productivity to maximize revenue. But this can be a real challenge, especially for field sales reps, who only have so many hours in a day to touch base with existing customers while also pursuing potential leads. So how can you effectively juggle all of your responsibilities?

Fortunately, there are many tools at a sales rep's disposal to boost their productivity. By streamlining your goals, you provide a roadmap of your objectives. Then you can begin to craft a more efficient schedule that incorporates all of your most demanding tasks for the day. But even that can seem daunting to most. That's where sales tools and programs such as CRM's and route planning apps allow you to organize your spreadsheets and consistently track your rate of productivity. With this data, you can minimize your time wasted on administrative business and focus your time on the actual sales.

Sales reps and managers alike can utilize these tips to highlight how to improve sales produtivity and boost revenue rates.

SWOT analysis is a good example of how to improve sales productivity

Set Goals

It can be challenging as a sales rep to stay motivated to pursue sales, day after day. This can be as simple as defining the territory you intend to cover for the day. This helps hold yourself accountable and prevents side-tracking. It's been proven that when you work towards a concrete goal, you clarify your priorities and sense of direction. There is a greater sense of accomplishment when these benchmarks are achieved, further motivating you to continue pursuing your targets. From a manager's standpoint, goal-setting can also provide a system of checkpointing a rep's rate of production.

 How to improve sales productivity through prioritizing and strategy

Prioritize Your Schedule

Like goal-setting, it's important for sales reps to recognize who their most valued customers are. When mapping out your daily checklist, you want to identify who is at the top of your list of priorities and touch base with your most demanding clients before you address your less important ones. As a sales rep, you know it's impossible to check every single box in one day, so it's important you understand what requires your attention most.

When organizing your agenda, it's also important to prioritize your existing clients over your potential leads. Fostering active accounts is vital to maintaining customer relationships and should be valued over that of bringing in new leads. By simply establishing a hierarchy of needs, you have defined a more streamlined approach toward your sales.

Sales Tools

In this growing age of technology, there are many sales tools out there for reps to take advantage of in the field. These programs are geared toward aiding you in how to improve sales productivity. They can assist you in a number of different ways. Some programs help you manage your CRM and organize your communication lines. Other apps even create an optimal route for you to take while in the field when you connect your CRM. This route then takes into account the number of stops, distance, and status of traffic to provide you with the most efficient course to cut down on time-consuming scheduling.

Users of apps such as Badger Maps can even generate new leads that you can touch base with along your route, or even locate hotels or restaurants.  Through the use of color coding and filtering , your prioritized accounts can be clearly defined. These programs also allow you to track how often you touch base with customers and provide space to jot down notes following your check-ins. Following up with clients is the key to maintaining long-term relationships and promoting future business deals.

The most important takeaway for how to improve sales productivity is time management. You can achieve this by setting long-term and short-term goals, prioritizing your client accounts, and taking advantage of the amazing sales tools at your disposal today.

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