Microsoft MapPoint Best Alternative 2020 [video included]

Imagine outside sales in the year 2010 — an era before the everyday use of GPS and mobile devices. Back then, the limitations in technology meant salespeople had to painstakingly plan out their entire day from home or the office before heading into the field, costing them several hours every week that could have been better spent on the road.

Not exactly the most convenient way of doing things.

This changed with the introduction of Microsoft MapPoint, one of the most popular and powerful tools for outside salespeople in 2010. Using MapPoint to plan out their sales routes and keep track of their territories, it was one of the best options at the time for planning out sales routes.

Fast forward a decade to the year 2020.

Microsoft MapPoint is no longer available, and the life of the average field salesperson looks drastically different. Salespeople now use new and improved sales tools that allow them to carry all their important resources with them at all times. These tools also help them stay productive and stay connected with their customers.

But what is the best Microsoft MapPoint replacement for the modern salesperson? 

The answer is Badger Maps

Empowering field salespeople with optimized sales routes, visualized customer data, and dynamic territory reports, Badger Maps offers a powerful updated version of MapPoint’s most useful features, making it the best alternative to MapPoint for today’s field salespeople.

Badger - Best Alternative to MapPoint

What was MapPoint?

One of the first GPS systems on the market, Microsoft MapPoint was cutting-edge software that allowed salespeople to visualize their sales routes and keep track of customer data within a specific territory. It was a game changer in the world of trip planning for professionals.

A lot of its users at the time were curious — is Microsoft MapPoint free? For an account fee of $250, outside salespeople could use MapPoint to customize maps and create territory reports based on the data that mattered to them most. It was an easy and effective tool to keep track of mileage, expenses, and time spent on the road.

Its lead generation tools were also a valuable asset, allowing salespeople to search out and target potential customers based on industry and territory. It made it easier than ever to reach the right customers and focus on making the sale.

By taking care of much of the pre-planning of a salesperson’s routine, Microsoft MapPoint gave outside salespeople more time to do what mattered most — maintain customer relationships and close deals.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. In a time before automatic updating was possible, MapPoint was restricted to installation through CD-ROM only, meaning there were no MapPoint downloads. Because of this, it struggled to compete in an increasingly crowded and advanced market. 

Microsoft MapPoint 2013 would ultimately be the final version of this popular software available to the public. It left many asking, “What happened to MapPoint?”

In MapPoint’s wake, the world of sales technology has evolved, allowing for the next generation of route planning software to take shape.

What happened to MapPoint?

On December 21, 2014, MapPoint was discontinued. Microsoft decided to focus its mapping energy on Bing Maps, leaving MapPoint to fizzle out. While Microsoft hoped to compete with Google, the behemoth of the industry, they urged MapPoint users to make the switch to Bing Maps.

But it just wasn’t the same. Bing Maps did not have many of the specific features that salespeople used on the job, and in trying to cater to a more general audience, Microsoft moved away from what those in the sales industry loved about the product. 

Even if one were to install MapPoint on their computer, there’s no way to automatically update, meaning the software would be hopelessly behind the technological curve for today’s sales and routing needs. Since there were no MapPoint download options, it couldn’t compete.

This move left many outside salespeople without one of their favorite resources.

What replaced Microsoft MapPoint?

In the absence of MS MapPoint, many in field sales were left looking for the next tool to manage their sales routes efficiently. While there are a handful of free options available, most of them fall far short of what is needed to truly maximize sales productivity. So what replaced Microsoft MapPoint?

Thankfully, in the years since it fell out of the market, the best Microsoft MapPoint alternative was developed — Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is mapping software created with the specific needs of field salespeople in mind. Crafted by those who understand the everyday problems presented by outside sales, Badger Maps is designed to address these industry-specific issues, freeing up a salesperson’s time and energy to focus on the customer instead. 

It’s also the #1 route planner for field sales in all app stores. The numbers speak for themselves — not only is it the route planner that salespeople trust most, but it goes above and beyond that which was originally offered by Microsoft MapPoint a decade before.

Available on iOS, Android, and PC, Badger Maps is also the most versatile tool for salespeople on-the-go. Updated frequently, Badger Maps offers the most up-to-date features to take your sales performance to the next level. It is also a fantastic replacement for Microsoft Streets and Trips and BatchGeo.

Many large companies across the globe have come to trust Badger Maps for optimizing their outside sales processes. The list of large corporations that use Badger Maps to streamline their sales process includes Cargill, Cutter & Buck, and Danaher.

So what is it about Badger Maps that makes it the most powerful alternative to Microsoft MapPoint? It’s the features. These include:

Crush your quota with Badger


“Our efficiency has easily increased over 100% since we’ve implemented Badger Maps. Each rep is seeing at least 2 more accounts and finding 2 more prospecting opportunities per day.”

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager, Kerr - Danaher

MapPoint Alternative — Optimized Routing and Scheduling

Badger Maps users save hours in weekly planning by automatically generating the shortest and most efficient route between appointments. Salespeople who use Badger Maps drive an average of 20% less, allowing them enough time to fit an average of 2 more meetings into their schedule daily. 

It means spending more time with the customers — and closing more deals.

Badger’s Route Mode gives users turn-by-turn directions and live traffic updates, keeping you on the move and ahead of schedule. You can even save routes for future use. Stay on time with our easy-to-use scheduling features, and never get overwhelmed by taking on too much with too little time.

MS MapPoint was well ahead of its time in its route planning features, but it existed in a time before everyone had a cell phone. This meant MapPoint was only available on the computer, which required a lot of pre-planning. 

Nowadays, an outside salesperson’s tools need to be accessible at all times in order to get the job done right. Badger Maps is available across all Android and iOS devices as well as on the web, allowing easy and uninterrupted access to your routes and customer information. You won’t miss a step getting to and from your appointments and knowing your customer’s needs at all times.

By saving time through optimized routing and scheduling, Badger Maps users sell 25% more, and have better and longer relationships with their customers.


MapPoint Alternative — Improved Customer Data Visualization and Filtering

It’s important to stay aware of your customers’ needs and expectations at all times. With Badger’s Data Visualization and Filtering features, territory management has never been more user-friendly or efficient.    

Colorizing and filtering features provide a birds-eye view of your territory, making it easy to prioritize accounts, update masses of data simply, and organize sales calls. Fully customizable filters allow for customer visualization based on type, priority, next steps, or any other criteria that is most useful to you.

Quickly select all the pins with the Lasso tool to create a route or mass update accounts. It’s as simple as drawing a circle around your territory. In just a few clicks your route will be optimized, and you’ll be ready to hit the road. Once your accounts are colorized and filtered, you can immediately start maximizing your time and energy within your territory. 

By having an interactive visual representation of your sales zone, you will always know who you need to check in with next, and plan out your daily sales plan accordingly.

For those familiar with MapPoint, the visualization feature is a vital part of planning out a sales route. Creating a route on MapPoint was always an important part of its function, but sometimes it proved more difficult and time-consuming than salespeople preferred. 

With Badger Maps, there’s no learning curve. Once your territory is designated, our simple route optimization features start your day off stress-free with just a few clicks. You’ll be on the road making sales within minutes.


MapPoint Alternative — Lead Generation On-the-Go

In Sales, reps can’t just be satisfied with the customers they have — it’s also important to spend the right amount of time prospecting for new leads to keep your pipeline full. With the Places tool, Badger Maps makes it easier than ever to identify and engage possible customers to build out your client list.

With Badger’s cutting edge lead generation features, you can easily fill the gaps in your schedule by identifying and meeting with new prospects. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it opens the door for new sales opportunities.

There are new customers to connect with around every corner. Use the Places tool to search by business category and view new leads in your selected area. You’ll be introduced to the most relevant prospective customers that may have otherwise would have passed under your radar. It’s a great and easy way to acquire new accounts.

Microsoft MapPoint lacked many of the key elements that make this feature so effective in modern day field sales. These days, being proactive about going after new leads is too crucial. Badger Maps built on what MapPoint started, and refined the lead generation tool to give salespeople a reliable tool for pinpointing new avenues of business.

Cutter and Buck Case Study

MapPoint Alternative — Check-ins and Follow-up Reminder

One of the most difficult parts of outside sales is juggling the many customers you have. With Badger’s Check-ins and Follow-up features, you can keep track of all your client interactions as soon as they take place, and have a plan for future meetings. 

Log meeting information and add time-stamped notes of any customer interaction. It’s an easy way to stay organized and keep track of your highest priorities.

With Badger, what happens in the field has never been easier to track. Add a date for your next follow-up appointment, and set an appointment reminder. You’ll be sharp and reliable for your customers, and will always know what you need to succeed. All notes recorded in the field will automatically sync to your CRM.

Microsoft MapPoint lacked the sophisticated and specialized Check-in and Follow-up features that make Badger Maps the best app for maintaining customer relationships in outside sales.


MapPoint Alternative — Advanced Reporting

In outside sales, it’s always important to keep an eye toward the bigger picture. Badger’s advanced reporting features allow you to keep tabs on activity within your territory and understand what’s working and what isn’t. It’s never been easier to track customer data than with Badger Maps. 

Every time you make a check-in with a customer, Badger saves the data in a specialized report. This report includes account information, a timestamp of when the account was visited, and the visit’s check-in notes.

Badger Maps sends out weekly check-in reports to keep you updated on the key details of your sales territory. Users can also export their own report at any time, giving salespeople the power to easily and comprehensively view the overall progress made within their territory at the drop of a dime.

These reports allow reps to track their own performance, as well as keep notes of the work completed over a given period of time.

For managers, reports help identify trends and opportunities for growth within their teams, and allow them to build a proactive strategy for their reps on a continual basis.

Microsoft MapPoint did not allow for advanced reporting, resulting in its users wasting hours tending to tedious and time-consuming administrative duties. With its advanced reporting features, Badger Maps automatically generates reports each week, saving you time as well as enabling a keen and comprehensive view of what’s working best in the field.

MapPoint Alternative — Team View

As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. One of Badger’s most popular features, “My Team,” allows teams to link different Badger accounts together to easily work toward common goals.

Team View gives reps the ability to see the status of their accounts, a view of their territories, and access to team activity reports. No more confusion or stepping on each other’s toes — with Badger Maps, reps can work independently while having a clear understanding of their team’s unique dynamic and performance.

Managers can also use Manager View for access to all team member check-ins, territories, routes, and activity reports. This enables managers to see what’s most effective within their team’s processes, identify and fix problems before they arise, and get an accurate view of what’s happening in the field. Managers can also edit their team members’ territories and routes.

Team view was not a feature offered to Microsoft MapPoint users — in fact, most of the key elements of team view weren’t truly possible before the widespread use of mobile devices in field sales.

Badger Maps understands the importance of collaboration in the modern outside sales industry. Because of this, the My Team feature has been developed with teams of all sizes in mind.

Try out the Best Microsoft MapPoint Replacement

Badger Maps is the best alternative to Microsoft MapPoint for outside sales. In fact, it's also the best alternative to Microsoft Streets and Trips, another popular mapping software from the same era. It offers many of the same features that came with both Microsoft’s popular route planning softwares, modernized for the competitive outside sales industry.

Field salespeople across the globe have made the switch from Microsoft MapPoint to Badger Maps. They love the many cutting-edge features Badger Maps offers that make their jobs easier and their performances better.

Support and onboarding for new users is just a call or email away, as is customized training and superior customer support service. Make the change to Badger Maps and empower yourself with the #1 route planner for field sales on the market.

Make the switch and start a free trial of Badger Maps today.

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