Routing Software for Small Business - an Overview of the Available Choices

By Shreya Indukuri

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 Is your small business seeking to optimize your outside sales team's route planning? Want to save money AND time while also getting more clients? Enter the route planning app! There are many options out there, so we’ve summarized some of them below.

Route planning software is a sustainable solution that allows your company to utilize the most efficient route to meet customers, schedule more meetings, and beat competitors. An optimal route will save you gas money and time—time that can be used to find new leads. After all, the biggest challenge facing small businesses is building up customer relationships using limited resources.

Here are some companies that offer affordable route planners for small businesses:

RouteSavvy is a web-based service that allows users to input several locations and generate an optimal route.

This service costs about $300/annually and is focused on helping service companies plan the work of their field services. Built on Bing Maps.

Routific features an easy-to-use API and custom-designed solutions for businesses in need of route planning software. The product is geared towards delivery companies. However, it doesn't account for traffic, which is an important feature of optimal route planning software. It is built on Open Street Maps

The price is affordable at $29/monthly/vehicle. 

MobileIQ has online mapping, routing for companies that want to manage their trucking fleet. Their Headlight Route Planner product is specially made for  delivery companies.

C2Logix has web-based route optimization solutions and a mobile app, C2RouteApp. This product is easy to use and allows you to see different route efficiency scenarios. This can be helpful when you are trying to route trucks and the trucks are going to be making overnight trips where they are making deliveries across each day. Traffic is not taken into account.

MapPoint and Streets and Trips, are Microsoft’s mapping applications. Many small businesses used them for routing throughout the 1990's and early 2000's. It has some pretty severe limitations around the actual maps, because the software came on a CD that people played on their PCs. 

This left the product being fairly weak compared to most of the other options here which are able to leverage internet based maps. This is why Microsoft discontinued the product at the end of 2014. Here is a more detailed description and comparison of MapPoint and Streets and Trips.

Badger Maps is a routing software solution for small businesses that is focused on the specific needs of salespeople. Badger helps companies who are looking to give their sales reps the ability to automatically plan, route, and schedule their time in the field. 

Salespeople don’t just make deliveries the way trucks do - they have to make decisions in real time to manage their customers. Badger has focused on these unique needs with colorization and filtering, lead generation, the ability to make schedule changes on the fly, and CRM integration.

Key Takeaway: The key takeaway from all this is that the different routing software has different specializations. You wouldn’t use the Badger Map to optimize your trucking fleet, and you wouldn’t use C2Logix for your sales team, etc. Take the time to research the options and pick the right routing software for your team's needs. With the time saved from taking an optimal route, small businesses can be more efficient and increase profitability.

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